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The California wildfires have resulted in over 100,000 evacuees and 40 deaths. Good360 is working with local nonprofits and recovery agencies in the impacted areas to determine the exact needs of disaster victims. Click on the link in our bio to stay updated on our relief efforts. #CircleOfGood #GoodsForTheGreaterGood #PurposefulGiving #CAWildfires . . . . . . . . . . . . #nonprofit #nonprofitresources #nonprofit #npo #donation #donations #donate #companydonations #giving #giveback #corporate #impact #philanthropy #productphilanthropy #charity #socialimpact #socialgood #csr #change #volunteer #dogood #disasterreliefefforts
It takes a village! PLOT & A Sister's Hand have partnered to make sure youth in Brooklyn have Mentors. Through compassionate mentoring both organizations work with families and community partners to assist youth with meeting their goals! @asistershand Join us on Thursday 10.26 to network and learn how to BECOME A MENTOR! *Click Link In Bio* #PLOT #ASH #MentoringMatters #Volunteer #GiveBack #Brooklyn
Our @martini_and_milk shipment just arrived and the new goodies are so yummy! This mini wicker bucket multi function as a tote bag, a planter and you can also fold it and it becomes a cute storage for around the home. Handmade by artisans in Kulon Progo village, in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. Purchase of this item benefits Education & Healthcare funds for artisans and their families. . . 📸 by @ditut
"It’s really hard on the street. People turn their nose up at you or they just walk past and ignore you. They don’t really acknowledge you or ask you why you’re homeless.⠀ ⠀ "Sometimes the council will come and put a notice on your tent saying you need to pack up and go, or the police will come and wake you up at seven in the morning to move you on, but where do they expect you to go?"⠀ ⠀ Dana⠀ ⠀ By sharing stories like Dana's we can change attitudes and build a movement for permanent, positive change. Read more about her via the link in our profile and sign up to our campaign to stand against homelessness. We need Everybody In to end homelessness. Are you in?⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #Homeless #Homelessness #Charity #Causes #EverybodyIn #Change #Activism #Nonprofit #DoGood #SocialGood #GiveBack #action #adopt #inspire #humanity #humanrights #photooftheday
Fundraising next month for United Way? 😉 Don't forget that you can select Holiday Helpers Canada as your charity of choice on the registration form! Help us reach our goal of supporting 525 local families this year. ❤️
Our amazing host for this year's Serving Up Smiles is none other than Robert Galinsky!⠀ ⠀ Robert Galinsky is the Head Speaker Coach for @tedxteen and @tedxfultonst through his company, where his clients also include: the New York Bar Association, the Connecticut Bar Association, MetLife, Goldman Sachs, the We Are Family Foundation and the actor/Hip Hop artist @50cent. He teaches writing and performance at Rikers Island Jail with the non-profit Literacy for Incarcerated Teens, gleefully volunteers with Lollipop Theater Company, and is a contributing writer to The Fresh Toast website. His work as an artist activist has been featured in @nytimes, @wsj, on @theviewabc, @npr, @nightline and many media outlets.⠀ ⠀ We are so thrilled to have Robert as our host this year. We are looking forward to an evening of fine cuisine, wine, and spirits and welcoming Robert into our enCourage Kids family.⠀ You can purchase your ticket for our third annual Serving Up Smiles tasting event, taking place on October 23rd by visiting the link in bio.⠀ ⠀ #encouragekids #nycnonprofit #fundraiser #fundraisingevent #nonprofitevents #giveback #support #donate #charity #forthekids #childrenshealth #childrensnonprofit #instagoodfood #instagood #instafood #nycsmiles #foodie #bestchef #tastingevent #nycchefs #servingupsmiles
20% OFF Has STARTED! Laurier Blanc is thrilled to support the @americancancersociety through our participation in The Holiday Shopping Card! Purchase the Holiday Shopping Card for a minimum contribution of $75 and receive a 20% discount on regularly priced merchandise from October 19-29th. 100% of your contribution benefits the American Cancer Society and the fight against cancer.
Fruitful Friday Reloaded! Please join me as one of the speakers and hear why God is always in the showing up and showing business with His daughters🤗👑😇😆 #team #empower #inspire #equip #transform #TransforMe #Ayiti #haiti #fanm #pou #nonprofit #nonprofitlife #entrepreneurs #entrepreneurlifestyle #fundraiser #giveback #inspirationalquotes #motivationalquotes We're fundraising for Puerto Rico by selling all of shirts for $15, please support by joining us this Saturday at Daughter of the King Tea Party, please click on this link Please view, like, share and subscribe to our YouTube Channel and share our videos: TransforMe Ayiti Follow us on Instagram transforme_ayiti Twitter Transforme2015  Facebook Transforme Ayiti Website:  T-shirts:
Happy Friday! ✈️ Probably the best weekday! Like if you agree👍
Do you have the courage to act outwardly on what you see inwardly ...or will you die dreamer ,will you die on the verge and on the edge in the land of "Coulda,woulda,shoulda". It takes courage to be successful,it is far easier not to be successful.Misery will always have company,success breeds contempt.If you don't want to make waves be mediocre,be normal and fit in.If you're more concerned about people than you are God ,then neutralize everything he put into you ,just fit in with everybody else,dress like them,walk like them,act like them,eat like them,go where they go,think like they think,do what they do and once you've neutralized your uniqueness you don't need courage.It takes courage to be different,it takes courage to go where you have never gone before.It takes courage to be exceptional,wise,educated,knowledgeable.In this weak water-bound mediocre society that we live in today ,is there anybody left that's got the courage to say "After all I've been through,I didn't come through all of that just to fit in with normacy.I have the courage to go after my dream". Don't be afraid to walk into the unfamiliar,don't be afraid to do what's deep inside of you to do.You got gifts,you got talents,you got capabilities,you got inventions,you got all these things to unleash to the world.You still gonna do what you have to do to break the cycle.I'm still gonna decide that I love myself enough to do better,bigger and more significant things.But it takes a very strong minded person to decide that because I was born into this doesn't mean that this is gonna define the outcome of what my life and purpose on this earth is destined to be.I see what's not there,I have visions.My visions are bold and unapologetic.They say you gotta think out of the box my mind there is no box.Only those who can see the invisible can do the impossible.There's even more power to be able to see what doesn't exist and then be able to articulate and verbalize it.Just keeping your minds and your spirits open to the possibilities.I decided to love myself enough to want better,desire better and seek better and move in the direction of something better.
"Done by people acting as a group; Relating to or shared by all the members of a group." . Its the end of another week (almost🙌) and we're excited to be sharing our days with each one of our followers. **If you're seeing this and you aren't a follower, please hit the blue button ⬆️** . And, if you ARE a follower, you still need be a subscriber too to officially be part of the collective. 😉 . Each month we collect funds for a pool of money that we then donate to a charity.  THE MORE SUBSCRIBERS WE HAVE - THE MORE WE CAN DONATE! 🎈🎈🎈 . So while the website is still being refreshed (new one up in the next week or so), please head over to the link in the bio and subscribe, even for only $5 a month, so we can do great things together, AS A GROUP. . // Join the Collective. Care with us. //
Classmates Forever was founded to spread hope to underprivileged students in ethnic Albania. We define hope as not just the emotion, but the mindset that anything is possible.