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Sometimes when all plans go wrong and things change, life opens another door. Most of the time the door leads you to a much better place and you rediscover people and places you though you lost long ago. #collegelove #foundyou #gladifoundyou
Thank you @idontknow_mj please kindly go to this account to see this video post and much more. I'm too chocked up for words and even then they could not describe what it is that I feel in my heart, mind, body and soul. To all of the "haters" out there, you do not have the right to judge but you can choose to have your own opinion. Your opinion is a reflection of who you are. If your opinion is not nice and if it is not kind, then please choose not to say it. Everyone thinks that to be famous is great, well, it's not easy at all due to all of the hate and greed in this world. As they always say, even as an ordinary person, if you heard all that was said about you, well, sadly you would feel like you wouldn't want to be here anymore. So stop to imagine all of the lies and rumors that are created about someone who knew so much empathy as a consequence of so much heartbreaking adversity, when everyone in the world knows your name? Were you there? Did you see it? If you didn't you don't have a right to say it. In all of the accusations made up, simply to just take in greediness where this world has created the necessary evil of money, that has been given all of the power to take away our own human rights and gave it the power to make our lives seem unworthy. How many times did MJ have to sing it in his songs, well you were listening but you didn't really hear it and feel it. I'm not sorry for I will stand to try to make all wrong right even if I stand alone because I'm not going to live begging down on my knees. Instead of watching and hating, set in motion your dreams and become positive, and if you act out in this manner as a cry for help, then please just reach out and we will help you. Thank you is just not enough MJ RIP as you live on forever within only the kindest purest deserving of hearts ❤ ~ (C) Author Tammie Hammond 2017 ~ #michaeljackson #tammiehammond #empathy #love #peace #heal #cure #suicideprevention #awareness #earthangles #kindness #caring #sharing #brave #strong #fartoomanywordstodescribe #hero
My #pals @sadeyesellie & @maddox_the_chow tagged me for the #blackandwhitechallenge & @sadeyesellie tagged me for the #howyougotyourname #challenge - So... my humom was going to get a #germanshepherd (whaaaat?) and name him Captain. She got me instead 😁 and thought #cappy fit me better. She says I'm more Gilligan than Skipper 😏 Not sure what she means by that! 🌺tagging some pals if they wanna play along. ______________________________________ #follow my #pawtners 💙 @ivyrose_sheltie 💛 @littlebearkenai 💜 @nala_the_gs_and_lisa_the_human 💗 ❤️ @mylovelylilylumps 💚 @derped_gsd_duo 💖 @kaya.the.gsd ______________________________________ #naturalselfie #cappyisbetterthanyou #gladifoundyou #happycappy #dogfeatures