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New favorite funky/quirky coffee shop. I feel like a struggling artist or college student here. 😆I'll have to bring my laptop with me next time and get comfortable for a few hours. The food and coffee are out of this world.👍🏻 The proprietor of this shop gives some profit back to families trying to adopt from Ethiopia. #justlovecoffeeandeatery #gladifoundyou #betterlatethanever
Catch my mix LIVE tomorrow morning between 6-9am celebrating the month of ❤ titled #FebruaryLoveaffair on @djsbubreakfast @risefm943 I go through tracks that got me addicted to house such #SabrynaahPope - Someone for you - released on probably one of the biggest house music albums of all times and album by the late and legendary #IggySmallz released by the longest standing record label #DavidGreshamRecords. I also breakaway into a true classic by probably one of the smoothest male voices who gave me life in my school days when the addiction became an everyday ritual, #JaySinister ft #VikBrooks - I Just wanna be - a record released at the continual rise of Dj Fresh's career at a time when we in anticipation and baited breath for a release and would do just about anything to get hold of the album. The latter is unfinished if #Hypnotized with #HeidiVogel on vocal a true classic which makes cheating sound so simple and sexy and basically the order of the day. My addiction continued with a fine release by a good friend and mentor #DjTerance of the music box fame with my personal favorite album Music Box 2 #Gladifoundyou released by #Soulcandirecords And many many more other tunes. A great selection for which should get any man out the dog box if played for the better half or simply get you in any sack if the mood allows , give me a call for any tips on execution if you failing! Yours in Passion, Mr. Brown Artistry meets Precision. #FebruaryLoveaffair
Quando tudo dava errado, tu apareceste. No meio da confusão que eu era, encontrei-te. E logo eu, que tinha deixado de acreditar. Eu, que cheguei a duvidar do amor. Tu apareceste e voltei a sentir coisas que já não me lembrava como eram. Agora entendo todo este caminho, tudo o que vivi até aqui foram apenas degraus de uma escada que me levavam até ti, encontrei-te no final dela. Lembro que costumava dizer que não tinha sorte no amor. Agora sei que nem sequer o conhecia. Tu és a minha definição perfeita para esta palavra. ❤ #love #boyfriend #beard #couple #gladifoundyou #loveyou #photoshoot #flower #blackandwhite