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Pulling hideous faces whilst working splits! I started working on my flexibility and mobility more in may and decided in July that my goal is to get to a full splits! I got sick and tired of feeling crap, stiff and full of imbalances post knee reconstruction! My range has probably only increased around 5-10cm since I started directly working on it but I have noticed massive gains in strength which is what you need to progress. At first I was shaky, had to have my hands on my hips and felt pretty weak around my knees. Now I can hold this position comfortably for way over a minute so I am loading up with a 10kg weight which has my shaking for about 20 seconds again. I'm pretty far off but it's exciting to feel progression! #health #fitness #stretching #mobility #goals #sidesplits #workinprogress #vegan #plantstrong #plantbasedstrength
⠀ ✩ I have various mental illnesses, and they've all taught me a lot about myself and life.. life as I know it with my mind anyway. ⠀ I've learned various coping techniques, especially around my Schizophrenia. ⠀ Life is a challenge for everyone, but arguable more challenging for those of us with mental illness. I say this because with mental illness our mind tricks us into believing various false realities. Weather it's a type of psychosis causing us to live in false belief, weather it's a crippling depression causing us to be prisoner to our beds, or weather it's an anxiety disorder keeping us confined to the house. ⠀ We face so many challenges before we've even got out of bed in the morning. ⠀ But dealing with all this, and keeping going, that alone makes you amazing.. even if it's a day when you can't get up - that's ok. ⠀ However even when battling all this, you can still do incredible things. You can still have your dream job, a nice car, holidays, relationships of any kind, pets.. you can have it all. ⠀ What I've learned is that I can achieve the same things as everyone else, I'm doing it right now. ⠀ The only thing different is that I often have to take a different route to achieve those things. Sometimes I have to take a few side steps to avoid a blocker on a more direct route to a given achievement. Then I can continue going forward. ⠀ You can do anything you set your mind to. Ask for help and then reevaluate the route to your success, whatever it may be, if necessary 🖤🥀🖤🥀🖤🥀 ✩ ⠀ #paranoidschizophrenia #schizophrenia #schizophrenic #psychosis #depression #anxiety #bpd #bipolar #anorexia #ednos #eatingdisorder #ptsd #ocd #ocdproblems #insomnia #sleep #positivity #goals #selfharm #suicide #mentalhealth #meditation #sectioned #prayers #relapse #recovery #creative #quote #poetry #help
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Good morning ladies, the products and services you offer to your customers, is it a "product market fit"? Do listen to this one minute video and drop your comments, questions and or suggestions. ...have a fabulous week ladies..
Kill your haters with success. 👊👏