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#midweekmotivation 💐 Success in life is not an over night thing 😢 It involves time,hardwork, patience and being focused on your goals 👊 Distractions,negative vibes 👺 are often uninvited guests on your journey to success, accept them and learn to fight them so that they dont turn back to you again.On that note, be focused towards your goals and accomplish them one by one with a smile always on your face 😊 Here ☝ all i can see #mercedesbenz 🚗 💨💨💨 #amg#3pointedstar#lovebenz #benzoneday #lovecars #goals #success #befocused #nevergiveup #bestrong #inspire #motivate #thyself #keepgrinding #instacaptions #mobileclick 📱 #bangaloredays #hyderabad 😍 #india #goldenfish_91 😈
Meeting Benito for the 5th time 😭👼 Me: Shawn! This is for you! *give mah gift for him, grabe yung pgkuha niya bes😂* S: thank you! Me: can you say hi to Kate Garcia? *he wants to click the cam na and i was like "Shawn! Its a video!"* S: Its not on! Okay okay i got you! 😍😍😍😍 *HAHA kinuha niya agad yung phone ko, ambilis niya myghad😂* . AYUN HUHU SAYAAANG YUNG VID 😭 epic fail ka na naman jam, si minion kc eh lols I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BOYFIE!! 😍🍃💜 x #ShawnMendesLiveInMNL #ShawnWorldTourManila #SmartMusicLive
Everyone has a WHY, what's yours❓🤔 - I train for mental therapy, as an escape from my continual hustle, as a daily opportunity to grow, as a daily challenge to overcome, to keep myself strong and focused, to develop my physique as I develop my businesses and mindset. Consistency is never a problem when this is my Why!! - This is beyond bodybuilding, learn how to think beyond the physique!! What's your reason??
Connect, humble, introduce, ask, listen, thank, surrender, repeat. The cycle of nature, the cycle of life... journeying with sister @wildseedlife, learning from the wise ones 🌿🙌🏼 #cacaojourney