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¿Qué tal esta opción de #cenasaludable y sencilla? Tan fácil como poner a cocer al vapor dos calabitas mientras cocinamos un poco de pechuga de pollo desmenuzada a la mexicana. Una vez listas las calabacitas (que por cierto, no tardan nada) quitamos el centro (se puede guardar para otra receta), rellenamos con nuestro pollo y podemos acompañar con salsa y #aguacate 💚🤤 listo! #buenasnoches 🌛 . . . #goodnight #dinner #healthy #healthyfood #healthydinner #healthyeating #mexicanfood #cena #saludable #receta #recetasaluble #nutritips #nutricion #avocado #instafood #tasty #zucchini #chicken #pollo #l4l #eatgreen #realfood #eatclean #comidareal #comidasaludable
You know, ever since I can remember I wanted to own my own vintage shop. Literally, since I was about 14 years old. My sister and I wanted to open up a shop in our garage. Call it Paisley Punch. It was my dream. The absolute best career that I could ever think of for myself. After selling off and on online for literally over 20 years, (started selling on eBay with my sisters when I was 13 or 14) and opening up my own shop I'm 2013 after my mother passed away from cancer, I finally realized that it's just not my thing. I am way too chill and low maintenance to keep up with orders and constantly restock. I am honestly the most laid back person you could probably ever meet. I just want to enjoy life. Do things on my own terms. Getting orders out on time is nothing but stress for me. (Only being able to ship on Fridays has really helped me lessen that stress.) Selling things off in lots and for cheap is probably one of the best decisions that I have made in a long time. Getting rid of the things that weigh me down. And all of this stock has really weighed me down!! Once it is all gone i can focus on so many more areas in my life. My creative side that has been pulling me, pulling me, pulling me deeper down. I can't wait till I have room to finally explore it. See where it takes me. Sewing. Writing. Making. I'm coming for you! 🍑 What I'm trying to say is, thank you for sticking with me, and helping me lighten my load. You are getting some cute vintage items for insanely cheap, and helping me clear and declutter my home. You're the best, everyone!! . . #thankyou #blessed #goodnight