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When your dad calls you to check your friends Facebook page for surf pics and you find this shot of him! DAS MY DADDI-O!!! Proud daughter!🌊🏄🏾☀️💛 Over 60 years old and still ripping with the young boys!👏🏽🙌🏾 "rip, shred, tear, annihilate!" #prouddaughter #gotitfrompops 📷 @island_fiel_surf
For years, my dad has had 6 full boxes of old records sitting in the attic. My brother and I finally dug them out last night, and I couldn't believe all the amazing music he has. Just another reminder of where my music taste came from. Here are a few of the albums I'm most excited to listen to #OGfire #gotitfrompops
While I am smiling in this picture, I post this with a heavy heart. Deep down I know the most likely will be the last picture I'll ever have with my grandfather. It was hard seeing him like this and pained me to see such a strong man have father time drain the life out him. I am forever proud to have this man as my "Pops" and the lessons I've learned from him over the years will never be forgotten. #josephwilliam #blenkinsopp #family #pops #WW2vet #koreanwarvet #pops #baldheads #gotitfrompops #veterans #usa #🇺🇸