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Literally Pumpkin City // Spending our Sunday evening with friends at the pumpkin patch. The kids are running wild on the bounce house and petting zoo and we’re not not drinking wine out of a flask 🙃 #grownfolks
Splash means what it means! #GrownFolks @berealmc.144 Fiddy is the half way point! You got me in these ATL streets like we back in our TECH days! 87! #RealIsReal
“We met at high school in the marching band. We were on the drum line, playin drums and singing together. We called our group name like six other things at first, but landed on The Official Remedy. Real talk, why we became @theofficialremedy time we made this young lady cry. Whatever she was going through, whatever we sang, it really lifted her spirits. We are the healing people and acting as a cure for what they are going through. What we doin though, it means a lot. Our album called Black Tie Music is dropping January 2018. It has a grown folks, mature feel to it.”
A little blurry, me and selfies are not best friends yet...out with the grandbabe @dwatrrt , #grownfolks