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#Repost @quinlaninvictus with @get_repost ・・・ Costume designs for the final season of The Strain by @delphine_tissue & tailored by @calabretta.1971 😊 Our Rupert aka Quinlan looks so dashing in his 1888 flashback outfits <3 . Find the pics in the original size on facebook or twitter. . Original source: https://.com/portfolio/the-strain . #quinlan #mrquinlan #thestrain #thestrainfx #rupertpenryjones #guillermodeltoro #chuckhogan #thefall #nighteternal #quinlaninvictus #vampire #halfvampire #strigoi #theborn
🔥👹The height of demonification approaches! (Aka Hellgirl’s WonderCon debut) 👹🔥 . . . Did my first wardrobe test just to see how it looks and though I still need to finish the belt, I’m pretty pleased! The Good Samaritan’s at work currently, but that and the Hand of Doom will really be what makes the look. Kudos to @cmilne_hawkchick for the faux leather pants that saved me some sewing/shopping time! I hope to god my new DocMartens are broken in enough for me to wear them all day on Saturday. (I’ve been wearing them around the house to help stretch them out a few hours at a time) 🤞🏻 . . Black is soooooo not my hair color, but having red body paint all over should help my aversion to it. I’m also thinking of pulling some of the hair back (2nd photo) because it’s how he has his in the movie and it’s honesty more flattering with my face shape. . . . I’ll be doing a real makeup test this weekend -contacts and all- so you’ll get a real peak at how this’ll all look then. I still need to pick up a red eyeshadow palette so my face doesn’t look super flat with all the red. 💄💋 . . . ➡️ Hand of Doom progress in the video! It still needs a *bunch* of work, but I have moving fingers! After this video I added the thumb and will hopefully be adding the palm and the foam for the fingers today. (Baloo wasn’t so keen on me trying to pet him though. I find it incredibly funny how into this costume my cats are, it’s perfect for the character too. Hellboy loves his puddytats!) . . . . . . . . . #hellboy #hellboycosplay #hellgirl #genderbentcosplay #cosplaywip #cosplayinprogress #wondercon #wondercon2019 #concrunch #progresspic #cosplayprogresspic #handofdoom #titsoutyo #womenwhocosplay #femalecosplayer #cosplaygirl #cosplaytest #cosplay #crossplay #guillermodeltoro #darkhorsecomics #darkhorsecomicshellboy #👹🔥 #codered #red #bigred #brpd #bureauofparanormalresearchanddefense
Hellboy (2004) Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008) Rating: 2.5 out of 4 I bet the new Hellboy remake that's gonna be released this April will be thrashy. Based on a Dark Horse comic book, Hellboy is directed by one of the best directors in the world Guillermo del Torro. It's a very beautiful looking film! Love the coloring and cinematography. Acting and screenplay is just average, it's based on comics after all so I wouldn't expect like a really deep narrative. But the premise was creative/imaginative.