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⚔️ #Style It is a matter of self-identity. Who you are and the look you decide to embrace is to make yourself happy. No matter what others say or think about it, ultimately it is yours for you. EMBRACE YOUR STYLE #selfconfidence This is @a_blomberg from @beardedvillains_sweden 🇸🇪
Traveling wouldn't be the same without this man! 👬 We've been 3 years strong and continuing to explore life and the world around us. He is not just my boyfriend, but my best friend. ❤️ I know that I might get his nerves sometimes, well...all the time since I can be stubborn, but he deals with it even though he knows I am wrong 90% of the time. We can just lounge around the house and play a game for hours or take adventures around the world, but as long as I am with him, everything else is secondary. This trip to Spain would not be the same without you! Happy birthday my 'babesies!' You deserve the world and more because you are special and everyone know it. 🎂
FINALLY!! Made it home to pick up a package that's been calling my name for days!! Today This will be all I eat crushed the peppered jerky on the way to work and damn @bearded_dude_bbq killing it!!! Be sure to check out this Bearded Brethren for all your Jerky Needs!! All his info will be live on the website by Friday. 👊🏼 #beardeddestruction #beardeddudebbq #jerkytime