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For those that do not know, I joined the US Army in March 2017, but was unfortunately discharged shortly after my enlistment . However the best time of my life was the short time I was able to be along side my brothers and sisters who are still serving to this day and are giving their lives everyday so we can go to bed at night. This Memorial Day remember those who many have forgotten and pay respect to those who have fallen. Support the United States Armed Forces and God bless America #army #armylife #armystrong #memorialdayweekend #memorialday #usarmy #americanflag #america #boyswithtattoos #boyswithtattoos #boyswithpiercings #guyswithpiercings #guyswithtattoos #supportourtroops #pray #prayer @emily_g_crowe @jordan_from_life @shanedymond @michael_showtime @justlivinglif3.ajf
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