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@Regranned from @fischerbruno - Sim, tanto faz mesmo!!!!! Na boa, fico de cara quando vejo o medo que muita gente tem da pobre da batata inglesa, não estou falando da batata frita, tô falando daquela cozida mesmo… Váaaaaarias pessoas não incluem batata inglesa na dieta pois acreditam que ela vai atrapalhar o emagrecimento! Como é isso? Batata doce pode, mas a inglesa não? Vou comparar algumas características desses dois tubérculos e vocês mesmo tirem suas conclusões. O comparativo é feito com 100g dos dois alimentos cozidos (fonte: TACO). Carboidratos: Inglesa 11,9g / Doce 18,4g Proteínas: Inglesa 1,2g / Doce 0,6g Fibras: Inglesa 1,3 / Doce 2,2g Gorduras: as duas praticamente zero Calorias: Inglesa 52kcal / Doce 77kcal Eita… A batata inglesa possui menos carboidrato, menos calorias e mais proteína, perdeu apenas no quesito fibras! Vixe, a batata doce possui 48% mais calorias que a inglesa!!!! Já sei… vão me falar que a batata inglesa possui o índice glicêmico maior, correto? por isso engorda mais... Então vejam alguns dados retirados do site (site que reúne todos estudos de índice glicêmico que são produzidos no mundo). . Batata inglesa Cozida com casca - 69 Fervida descascada e amassada - 66 Fervida sem casca, refrigerada e depois aquecida por 1 min - 71 Cozida 45 min sem casca - 83 Cozida sem casca - 98 Fervida - 54 Batata doce Descascada e cozida - 94 Descascada e assada - 82 Descascada e cozida por 8 min - 75 Fervida - 44 e 46 Caramba, que confusão Bruno. Quer dizer que dependendo da forma que preparamos as batatas o índice glicêmico muda? YEEEEESSSSS! Ou seja, a batata inglesa se for fervida e comida com casca possui baixo índice glicêmico em alguns estudos, por outro lado a batata doce cozida pode chegar a 94 de IG, ou seja, alto. E mais, além da forma de preparo, os acompanhamentos também mudam a velocidade de absorção. Ou seja, comer junto com vegetais, proteínas e gorduras retarda o esvaziamento gástrico e consequentemente reduz o IG da refeição. Em resumo: O que engorda não é a batata, e sim a bagunça alimentar regada à pizza, sobremesas, refrigerantes, churrascos, cervejas etc. Pense nisso!
Becomming a stronger version of ourselves is a long journey that demands a lot of hard work, commitment and consistency. But when we are reffering to the phrase "stronger version of ourself" we do not mean just physical strength. This applies to our mind and spirit too. The journey to our goal will train us physically and mentaly. As i said before, become stronger version of our selfs demands hard work, this applies mostly to the physically aspect but includes the mentally too. The commitment and consistency is clearly mentally. So to succeed we need to prepare ourselves physically and mentally and though the process of getting to our goals we become something better, a stronger version of ourselves. . . . . #fitness #fit #fitnessmotivation #fitnesslifestyle #fitnesslife #bodybuilding #bodybuildingmotivation #bodybuildinglifestyle #gym #gymlife #gymmotivation #gymquotes #motivation #motivated #inspiration #inspired #icaniwill #icandothis #justdoit #myprotein #myproteingr #gymshark #instagood #menshealth
I guess it's time to start showing y'all what I've been planning for the longest time .... Alot of people only think I care about fitness and weights because I haven't posted much more besides that , but truth is I've been prepping to showcase my real passion for u guys which is interpretive dance , choreography , music , and just all around entertainment. , SO WHO"S READY? Because the real journey is about to begin and I hope you join me along for the ride , I've always had multiple passions , and soon begins my next chapter in finding another outlet to provide fun and exciting content for u guys and now I have a whole dance studio to focus on my next passion don't worry the fitness videos won't stop but it's time to kick it up a notch !!!! ARE YOU READY TO BE ENTERTAINED ! 😎 and oh yeah ... Be prepared to hear alot of kpop 😂😂😂 #fitness #dance #dancing #gym #gymmotivation #kpop #otaku #gym #gymlife #fitlife #fitfam #music #entertainment #youtuber #youtube #athletic #athlete
Nothing wrong with wanting to be a better man. Sometimes you have to pull your pants up, put the childish habits down, remove yourself from the negative influences, and start applying yourself. Never mind the friends who don't want to see you grow, let them go. Never mind the women who are attracted to the ignorance you're trying to escape, they're not the type of woman a man really needs. Focus on what matters. Let God build your faith, take care of your family, strive to become a leader, work on your character, become husband material, love the hell out of your wife, and if God blesses you with a seed, leave em an inheritance. All of this starts with the desire to be better and do better. All of this is possible. Unconditional Love ❤️ #jesusislord #jesusreigns #godisourfather #family #marriedcouple #fitcouple #baseballislife #promotingcommitment #thestandfields #kingdomofheaven #lovepeople #gymmotivation #godslove #covenantmarriage #healthylifestyle #goals #gains #motivationalspeaker #lit #athlete #aesthetic #love #fitlife #countrylife #inspire #livinglife #gentleman #couplefitness #fashion #stylist
Im against gym posing 😂 however @andreaboros is a very pushy little woman 😂😂😂