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FOAM ROLLING - 😨 Sometimes things like training and bad posture can cause your muscles and their surrounding fibres to become thicker and tighter, which cause tension and sometimes pain in your body. - 😎 While I do believe that is important to discuss any muscle issues with a health professional, there are a few things that you can do to help reduce mild muscle tension and pain within your own body. One of my favourite ways to do this is through foam rolling. - 🗞 Foam rolling is a self-myofascial release aka poor man's massage technique used by physical therapists and athletes to maximize muscle recovery. - 🏋️‍♂️ Foam Rolling can have a wide range of benefits for the everyday gym-goer. Some of the basic, most obvious benefits will be increased blood flow throughout the body, better mobility, flexibility, increased range of motion and most important of all saves you money..💲💲 - 🎷 Foam rolling can decrease the chance of injury and decrease recovery time after a workout. A decreased recovery time means more training sessions per week/month and results can come quicker. Increased circulation is huge for recovery and greater ROM means you get to work muscles more thoroughly on lifting days. - 3 Foam Rolling mistakes to avoid: . ⚀ Do not roll directly at the Pain area - Take time and work a more localized region around areas that feel sore before using larger, sweeping motions. . ⚁ Don't roll too fast - Your movements on the foam roller should be slow and concentrated. If you roll too fast, your muscles won’t have time to adapt to and manage the compression, and you’re not going to eliminate adhesions . ⚂ Don't keep rolling on your knots - If you place sustained pressure on one body part, you might actually hit a nerve or damage the tissue, which can cause bruising. - So stay safe at the Gym and Foam roll your way to an amazing workout. - - Any Questions ❓❓ Comment ⬇️⬇️ - #foamroller #foamrolling #preworkout #bodybuildingtips #bodybuilding #powerlifting #fitness #fitfam #gymtime #gymshark #knowledgeispower #trainharder #fitnesscoach #fitnesstips #chestday #legday #restandrecovery #liftheavy #getbig #trainingday #hardwork #noexcuses #fitmoms #gym #fightingfit
Getting the back width require concentrated movement and a real contraction of the back muscles. If there is any body part I see people cheating on and doing jerky movement it has to be the Back. Focus on the contraction and slow negatives 😊👌🏻
Trying to channel my inner @neilstayfit 😅😂 I'm loving the keto diet so far! Looking way more shredded than I did in the summertime. 💪🏾😁
Fick till ett bra benpass denna torsdagsmorgon, provade bland annat overhead squat och det är mycket svårare än det ser ut. Min teknik är fortfarande lite halvdålig för det krävs mycket styrka för att ha kvar hållningen i armarna, men träningen ger ju färdighet. 💪🏼