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Tribal design in this young mans hair. I love having a creating career.
Goodnight loves💕✂️🎨
Excited for our #editorial EUREKA to come out I wanted to share this #bts of #editorialremix final shots are amazing! ❤️❤️ I just had to share this cut and style details again I did for the shoot 💇🏼💇🏼💇🏼 I created this cut by first establishing the bangs or "fringe" if your fancy 😘 then connected using round layers and slide cutting to fame the face. I finished using #aveda Be Curly Style Prep and Smooth Infusion Nourishing Creme (you could use Be Curly Curl Enhancer, however I love how soft the nourishing creme leaves the hair and it makes it a little more workable by adding just the right amount of moisture and control to the hair) I then dried the hair starting at the fringe, using a round brush I lifted the root area then twisted down working with her natural wave and leaving the mid-length and ends about 50% dry and let them dry the rest of the way in that set. After the hair was dry, the set was released and hair was "roughed up" and finished with Dry Remedy Moisturizing Oil and of course a little #controlforce TIP: When working on set and you are going to be multiple changes, I don't like to overly spray the hair or put to many "moisture" products in the hair. It needs to be able to move. #makeupartist @bradleo3 #model @ashlyncardoza #hairstylist #haircut by #heggyhair #stylist @saintsiix #photography me #realphotographer @hmgproductions @inspireaveda #modernsalon #americansalon #behindthechair #hairbrained #avedaartist #avedamakeup #shag #haircuts #texturetuesday #hair #hairbrained #texture #curls
Blonde to strawberry 🍓