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Road trip C3 Annie pov: I was looking at Hayden but he was just staring at Kenzie I'm starting to think he likes her he finally notices me looking at him and he looks the other way. Carson pov: While watching the movie I got an idea the we should all go on a road trip C: guys let's go on a road trip K: omg yes J: I'm in H: hell ya A: idk if I want to come Ja: come on Annie it would be so much fun L: ya you have to we are all going A: fine but when C: idk maybe next week A: how? Where? K: johnny can drive and I can get maddie to drive A: how are we going to pay? H: we all have money we can use. A: ugh fine Hayden pov: Johnny Carson and I were all leaving Annie's, I screwed up I was staring at Kenzie and Annie saw me. I just have to be carful or I could hurt Annie. Johnny pov: maybe this road trip will be good i could get Kenzie back or I can get Annie if dumbass Hayden takes Kenzie from me. Kenzie pov: all the boys left and now it's just the girls and I tonight we are going to pull and all nighter and talk about boys and gossip Annie pov: the boys left and I'm really not sure about this road trip I like Hayden but I think he likes Kenzie. The girls are sleeping over and Kenz wants to pull an all nighter but I just want to sleep and forget about tonight. K: Guys can we talk about the road trip A: WHAT ABOUT IT! J/k/l: Annie come down A: you guys know I didn't want to go so I don't want to talk about it Ja:why wouldn't you want to go the whole squad is going. A: I think Hayden likes Kenzie and he's probably going to make his move on this trip K: Wait what. Very funny Anns but we know he likes you. A: then why was he staring at you like the whole movie K: he was probably looking at you calm down A: he wasn't looking at me I would be able to tell K: this road trip is going to be fun. I promise Comment 💍 for more! #hannie #hanniefanfic #hannieedits #hannie4ever #hanniearmy #hannie4life #hanniegoals #hannielove #hannieislife #hannieship #hanniefamily #jenzie #jenzie4ever #jenzieisreal
Chapter 34: Hayden comes back a few moments later with the towel and wraps it around Annie, and sits her down on his lap where her was on his bed H: You really scared me earlier Annie A:I'm sorry Hayden. Maybe we should have chilled at home H: Hey, it's not your fault. We just wanted to have fun. It's really nothing A: Let's go do something to make up for it H: Whatta bout Malibu? A: Um I think were done swimming for the day H: Let's do something then. What do you have in mind? A: I'm not sure. It's not like I'm bored though H: And why is that my dear? A: Cause I'm with you handsome. Duh. There's never a dull moment with you. I just get lost in your sparkling eyes Hayden rolls them over to where Annie is on her back in the bed and showers her cheeks and jaw with peppering kissing with his soft and gentle lips -comment suggestions - sorry for typos or errors!thanks lovies- Tags- #hanniestan #hannie #hanniefanfic #hannieedits #hanniefanfics #hanniefanfiction #hannie4ever #hanniearmy #hannieedit #hannie4life #hanniegoals #hanniefan #cl #celebratelife #goagainstthestream #workhardplayhard #okimdone #loveyou #ok #annieleblanc #haydensummerall #fanfic #writersofinstagram #writer #instagrammers
If the whole world was whatching... ----------------------------
A=Annie 16 H=Hayden 16 K=Kenzie 16 J=Jayden 16 C=Carson 16 Jo=Johnny 16 Co=Connor 16 Hay=Hayley 7 M=Mom D=Dad - - (Annie's POV) ~At Home~ A=Ohh... I actually wasn't that sad. Was that a bad thing? (Hayden's POV) I saw Annie and Carson hug and kiss, I knew my chance is ruined.. (Annie's POV) A=Thanks Carson, I appreciate it! C=Hey, no problem! We are still best friends right? A=Haha totally! We walked back inside. H=Everything ok? I looked at Carson A=Yep! We all smiled and worked on our project ~Later~ A=Bye guys! C=Bye! I was about to close the door but then H=Annie can I talk to you.. A=Sure! (Hayden's POV) This is my chance, my chance to tell her my true feelings! H=So, I need to ask you something.. A=What is it?? H=Um ever since school started.. A=Yeah? H=I-I..I think you have been a great friend!! A=Aw thanks you too! She hugged me I blew my chance, my only chance H=I better go - - Sorry for being so inactive y'all :( - - Tags: #hannie #hanniefanfic #hannieedits #hanniefanfics #hanniefanfiction #hannieedit #hannie4ever #hanniearmy #hannie4life #hanniegoals #hannie4ever #hanniehasachance #hannielove #hanniestaystrong #like4like #annieleblanc #haydensummerall