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Chapter 7: A: Hayden i just don’t know right now i just need some time ok..and if you really care you would respect that ok.. H: Ok I understand just know what i said just now i meant every word.. A: I know you did..i think its better for us to just be friends.. H: Ok.. A: I think you should go but thanks for coming and clearing everything up.. H: Ok. Im really sorry Annie.. *He leaves* I felt so bad for sending him away and for telling him we should just be friends..but he really hurt me. And i don’t know if i want a relationship right now.. After he left i went back up to my room and went to sleep. Its ben over a week she hasn’t talked to me nor looked at me. She said she wanted space but i didn’t know that meant ignoring me all together. I miss her so much and sadly i was still with Katie she wouldn’t accept that i wanted to break up with her..but I’m finally just gonna flat out tell her we are done.. so it was later on while i was at home i was in my room laying in bed when i texted Katie. Katie🙄 H: Katie i think that we shouldn’t be together anymore..I’m done with the popularity and everything I’m just done.. K: Wow..ok. Your giving everything up your popularity your bad boy reputation for what? A girl? Who doesn’t love you back nor want you back?! Whatever have a nice life loser.. H: Katie i don’t care if i’m a loser.. because out of everything that stupid bet ruined my life and someone else’s to so i really don’t care anymore goodbye Katie.. K: Goodbye loser.. *Number Blocked* I am so relieved like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Im now single but the only girl i want doesn’t want me back she thinks I’m a terrible person. I don’t care she is worth waiting for.. when in that moment i got a text.. A: Hey.. H: Annie?! A: Yeah..its me. Im sorry i haven’t talked to you. I just needed to clear my head and think about things.. H: Its ok Annie I understand. A: Yeah but i wasn’t fair to you..i cut you off completely without telling you anything..but i think I’ve made my decision on everything.. Hayden i think that we shouldn’t be in each others lives anymore..we are two completely different people. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
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Chapter 32: Annie reaches up from Hayden's arms and kisses his cheek lightly A: very H:Aww haha In his arms, Annie feels a tugging on her right leg and looks down to some teenagers pulling her Some teenagers doing a prank pull her down to the bottom of the 12 side of the pool H: Annie?! Annie! Hayden swims after her and recognizes the teen that pulled her down as someone that goes to their school He swims down to the bottom of the pools and scoops her up by the waist, carrying her up to the surface H: Umm ahh Hayden doesn't know what to do so he quickly places his lips over Annie's and (weirdly enough) blows air in to her lungs, stopping a few times to catch his breath and pumps her chest up and down Annie flutters her eyes opened and coughs up water Not knowing what happened, she hugged Hayden tightly H: Oh my gode Annie, you scared me -comment suggestions - sorry for typos or errors!thanks lovies- Tags- #hanniestan #hannie #hanniefanfic #hannieedits #hanniefanfics #hanniefanfiction #hannie4ever #hanniearmy #hannieedit #hannie4life #hanniegoals #hanniefan #cl #celebratelife #goagainstthestream #workhardplayhard #okimdone #loveyou #ok #annieleblanc #haydensummerall #fanfic #writersofinstagram #writer #instagrammers