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[Chapter 19 : Left Alone] (Annie) I felt violated! I grabbed my bag and I started walking home. When I got home i left my bag next to the door and i locked myself in the bathroom, crying and crying! I got my blade from my drawer, I looked at it, then i looked at my wrist. I started cutting, watching the lines of blood appear on my wrist. (Hayden) When school was over I went to Annie’s little spot, but she wasn’t there.. I wonder where she went?! I went walking home, I did a little bit of homework, and decided to go to Annie’s house. I went inside because there was no lock. The house was awfully quiet. I went to Annie’s room, but she wasn’t there.. I went to the bathroom.. I found her there crying and crying! She had recently cut her wrist again. I ran up to her! Hayden : Omg Annie are you okay?! What happened?? Annie lifted herself up to look at me. She had green/purple bruises and they looked horrible! Hayden : What happened to your neck?! Omg Annie who did this to you?! Annie : J-Johnny..😭😭😭 Hayden : WHAT THE FUCK?! Why the fuck would he do that?! Annie : Idk and it hurts so much! I want to Ugh! 😭😭 I was left alone! Hayden : I am here for you Annie! And I’m going to have to take care of something tomorrow! Even if it means me getting suspended or expelled! - What do you think will happen?? - Comment “🤨” for more chapters!
[Chapter 18 : Don’t Touch Me!] (Annie) I went to the first class and it was pretty much boring! I went to second class and it was boring as well! I decided not to go to third class and went outside to smoke 💨 By the time it was now lunch time, so I went to the janitor’s closet. Hayden then came inside and I hugged him! Annie : I missed you! Hayden : But you saw me in the morning?! Annie : I don’t care! I still missed you! Hayden : Well I missed you too! The reason why we went to the janitors closet during lunch was to do you know *cough* makeout *cough* By the time lunch was over I went back to my little spot. I saw someone come up to me.. It was Johnny. Johnny : Hello LeBlanc. Annie : What do you want? Johnny : Nothing. I just came to talk. Annie : Of how much I am “player” and all that kind of shit?! Johnny : Actually I came to do something! He suddenly pinned me against the wall! He was holding on to my wrist and he put my hands up so I wouldn’t be able to move! Annie : Don’t touch me! He then started to kiss my neck aggressively! Annie : Get away from me! Johnny : You can be a bad girl i can be a bad boy too! 😏 He kept going and my neck hurt a lot! I had so many bruises for sure! A few minutes went by and he was doing the same thing all over again! All I could do was cry and cry. He left me there and i was just laying on the floor crying! - How do you feel about this chapter?! - Comment “😱” for more chapters!
[Chapter 17 : Skipping] (Annie) I got ready for school. (Swipe) I got a granola bar and went outside. Just in time Hayden was outside his door. He smiled at me and I smiled back! Hayden : I’m so glad you are finally coming! Now I won’t be alone! Annie : Like I said I’m skipping a few boring classes! Hayden : Then it won’t be so much fun! Annie : I’ll tell you what! Meet me in the janitors closet during Lunch! Hayden : Ok! Annie : Wanna skip with me?! Hayden : No thanks! I’m good! Annie : Okay Whatever you say! *They get to school* Hayden : I’ll see you later?! Annie : Yep See ya! I give him a quick peck on the lips and I leave to my first class. (Hayden) Once Annie left this Johnny dude came up to me. Johnny : I warned you about her. Yet you still chase after her! Hayden : I don’t think you know this but she’s been my best friend since we were 12! Johnny : Do I care?! Stay away from her! - Why do you think Johnny is telling Hayden to stay away from Annie?! - Comment “⚠️” for more chapters!
[Chapter 16 : She’s Okay!] (Hayden) When Annie fainted in my arms I quickly put pressure in her wrists, and since I had an aid kit I wrapped her arms. She was safe! Because she didn’t look like last time.. I know she’s going to be okay because I believe in her and she doesn’t need a doctor! She needs me! I will treat her right! I laid Annie down on my bed, and I cleaned up the mess. *a few hours later* Annie woke up! Annie : Hayden? Hayden : I’m here! I’m so glad you are okay! I knew you were going to be okay! Annie : Sorry I’m such a screw up! Hayden : No you are not! Plz don’t say that! I looked at Annie in the eyes and I smiled at her. I put my hand on her neck and I kissed her. She kissed back putting her hands on my face. Annie : Some people are worth living for! She smiled at me, and I smiled back. We continued doing what we were doing *cough* kissing *cough* *a few minutes later* Annie : Bye Hayden I’ll see you tomorrow at school! Hayden : Finally you are going! Annie : I’m gonna skip a few classes anyways! And do my daily thing! I sighed when she mentioned where she’s going to smoke! And she left my house. - Did you like this chapter?! - Comment “🚬” for more chapters!
[Chapter 15 : Happy&Sad] (Hayden) When Annie kissed me, I felt so happy! I think she remembered! Annie : I know I said how kissing you doesn’t mean anything.. But this one meant something to me and I’m not lying! Hayden : I’m glad to hear that! Annie : Back then you made me so happy! Hayden : But this is now.. I’m trying to make you happy again! But I can’t change that! Annie : You can’t change who I am Hayden. I will always be like this.. Hayden : Yet I feel like it’s all my fault! Annie : Plz don’t say that! Hayden : Btw Jayden said to take care. Annie : I don’t think I will.. Hayden : Let’s go to my house! Annie : Sure I guess! We went to my house and Annie sat in the couch. Annie : Maybe it’s okay to have you around! But it won’t change anything. Maybe being a little happy is okay. Hayden : Maybe having more feelings is better! Annie’s eyes then started to get watery. I gave her a hug and she was crying a lot. She needed to let out everything that she was holding in. Annie : I miss Caleb so much! Hayden : I miss him too Annie.. Annie : I better go clean myself up.. Hayden : I’ll go with you. *a few minutes later* Annie : H-Hayden.. Hayden : Yea? Annie : I cut my wrist again.. When I turned around I saw Annie with her wrist up, and blood was dripping from her wrists. I ran up to her and she fainted! - Do you think Annie will be okay?! - Comment “‼️” for more chapters!
[Chapter 14 : Fountain] (Hayden) Annie came down stairs and we started to leave. Annie : Where are we going? Hayden : City walk! Annie : Why? Hayden : You’ll see why! *30 minutes later* We were at the fountain and Annie still looked clueless! So I picked her up and started going towards the fountain! Annie : What are you doing?! Put me down! Hayden : You don’t remember?! Annie : Remember What?! Hayden : Our hug! When we were 12! Annie : Omg.. I put Annie down.. She kept looking at me.. (Annie) When we hugged in the fountain was when I fell for him when we were twelve! I remember now.. I looked at Hayden’s Hazel eyes, and he looked at me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and I kissed him! This time I felt sparks! This kiss actually meant something to me! I let go and I looked at his eyes he looked at me and he smiled. Annie : I remember now Hayden. I give him a really tight hug! - Did you like this chapter?! - Comment “😏” for more chapters!
[Chapter 13 : Sorry] (Hayden) I went into Annie’s room and I saw her there sitting down in the floor. She was mad! Annie : Why did you do that Hayden?! Hayden : I know I messed up! I’m sorry! Annie : Sorry doesn’t cut it Hayden! Hayden : Idk what to do to make you feel better.. I guess I’m just going to leave your room. Annie : Yes do that! I leave her room in anger. I messed up really bad.. She would of told them when she trusted them.. I’m pressuring Annie too much. I will make it up to her. I go into Annie’s room, and she was changing.. She was in her sports bra and shorts.. whoops.. Annie : What do you want? Are you here to tell me how you are sorry?! Hayden : No.. Annie : Are you here to stare at me or something? Hayden : No.. Annie : Then why are you here? Hayden : I’m taking you out somewhere special. Idk if it isn’t for you but it means something to me! Annie : Ok whatever. Hayden : I will wait for you down stairs.. Annie : K bye. I went downstairs and I thought to myself. Will she even remember where I’m taking her?! - Where do you think Hayden is taking Annie? - Comment “💟” for more chapters!
[Chapter 12 : Trust] (Annie) I knew what Hayden was referring to. He wanted me to tell them how I cut myself.. But if I do.. They won’t want to be my friends. And I also have trust issues too. Annie : I’m not that comfortable saying it.. Jayden : Oh.. Hayden : Fine I will tell them! Annie : Hayden.. Hayden : She cuts. Jayden : You what?! Carson : Why would you do that?! I got mad at Hayden for saying it! I gave him a death stare and I went upstairs to the bathroom and slammed the door! I opened the drawer and I saw the blade.. (Hayden) Why did she have to get mad?! I just realized she is in the bathroom! Oh no! Hayden : Omg! Jayden : What? Hayden : Annie is probably cutting rn! I rushed up stairs and knocked on the door! Hayden : Annie open up! Annie : Go away! Hayden : Let me in Annie I’m not going to let you harm yourself! Annie : Already doing that! I went downstairs and called Jayden. Jayden : Annie plz don’t hurt yourself.. Annie : Why do you care anyways?! I just met you today! Jayden : See Hayden it won’t work.. Hayden : ANNIE OPEN UP! IM KICKING THE DOOR DOWN IF YOU DONT OPEN IT RIGHT NOW! Annie : I like to see you try! That’s it I kicked the door with all the force I had! It went straight down and Annie looked shocked! I went up to her and took the blade away from her. I grabbed toilet paper and put on her wrist. Hayden : What were you thinking Annie?! Annie : Shut the fuck up and leave me alone! GOD! She went to her room and I went downstairs.. Carson : I think it’s better if we leave.. Jayden : Yea.. tell her I said to take care.. Hayden : I will.. C&J : Bye! I feel like I messed up big time! - Did you like this chapter?! - Comment “💞” for more chapters!
[Chapter 11 : Getting Along] (Hayden) I decided to call my bro Carson and his Girlfriend Jayden. Because Jayden is kinda like Annie, and I think they will get along pretty great! Annie was sitting in the couch when the doorbell rang. She looked at me. Hayden : It’s them! Let me go get it! Annie : Ok. I went and opened the door and I see Carson and Jayden. Hayden : Hey guys great to see you! C&J : Great to see you too! Annie : Jayden?! Jayden : Omg Annie hey! They ran up to each other and they hugged really tight! Hayden : You Guys know each other?! Annie : Yea we met today! I also got her in trouble! Jayden : It was no biggie tho! Carson : Good thing you guys are getting along! Hayden : Yea.. So Annie why don’t you tell them a little bit about yourself. Annie : Um well, I don’t care about anything, I do drugs and I’m a “player” Hayden : Annie, I think you forgot to tell them something.. Jayden : Tell us what?! Annie : .. (TBC) - Did you like this chapter?! - Comment “😊” for more chapters!