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life is good. stay present. be yourself. ✨🌿 those are my words for the day. and on the note of sharing, here’s a piece from my mind to yours. i’m someone who loves to plan. lists. spreadsheets. quarterly life plans. you name it. i get caught up in all that i CAN do, vs burying myself in it ✨ balance ✨ that said, i am still planning. i’m planning for a new year. what 2018 will bring me. or what i will bring to 2018. but amidst all the planning, i’m not L I V I N G ! taking a step back, being present, being mindful. life may be short you guys, but life is good. we just have to let ourselves enjoy it. surround yourself with people, plants, and things that leave you with a good energy. and let yourself do goddamn nothing sometimes. it’s not a crime. happy right now everyone.
Когда говорят "Карьера не ждёт дома вечерами", всегда хочется ответить: "Них&яяя, ребят. Моя карьера меня там и днями, и ночами ждёт!"😂 #freelance как он есть🤷🏻‍♀️ . Ну а вообще, "карьера или семья" - это как "отцы и дети". Шучу. Но это не точно. Просто #каждомуСвоё и все тут🤷🏻‍♀️💁🏻
Think happy thoughts, come to your happy place, it’s the weekend!
Flying into the weekend. Hope everyone gets the chance to go outside and enjoy the last bit of beautiful autumn weather. Dancing in the forest in my fancy @prana shirt 😊