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The NHC has now started to mention the threat to #Texas in their 1pm update. Now giving Ex- #Harvey a 100% chance of redeveloping. Plenty more to come from LHC as always... #Louisiana needs to also pay attention! Track everything now on the site at! I would expect watches and warning to come sometime Wednesday for the U.S. Coast! #TrackTheTropics
Newest family member! ❤️ all love #Harvey chiesa-Gipp
NHC now states there’s a near 100% of #Harvey re-developing.
Max walked me to my locker as his locker is beside me.We were Laughing Remembering our old time.When i caught Harvey looking at us.He looked jealous but why is he jealous?I was really confused but I kept the thoughts away.I took my books from the Locker and Walked to my next class.Its Geography.I have it with Jade,Max and Harvey.They all are with me in Geography I went inside and Saw Jade already sitting with Alice.our other good friend.I look over Max and Harvey.Max was sitting alone and Harvey was sitting with one of his friends.Max looked at me and signaled me to come sit with him.I went and sat with him. *Skip to Lunch* Harvey's P.O.V : I really like Amelia.I have since last year when she once came our home for a project she got with Max.She and Max has been with each other since the first period and i dont like it.Maybe she like Max.I have to Talk to Max.I walked up to Max who was sitting with Amelia.They both looked at me and Max raised a eyebrow. Harvey - Max,I have to talk to you. Max - Umm Sure What about?? Harvey - I mean in private. Max - Okay? Max P.O.V Harvey said he wanted to talk in personal,God knows what about.I told Amelia that i'll see her later and then walked to an another table with Harvey.We sat down and I looked at him and He was looking down. Max : So What do you wanna talk about? Harvey looked at me and then looked down again. Max : What happened Harvey? Harvey :(still looking down) I like Amelia. Max : You what? Harvey :(Looked up at max)I like Amelia. Max : Thats Great Harvey : No its not She obviously liked you more. Max : What? Are u crazy?We are just friends. Harvey : Yaa and You two are together since the first period. Max : That's because we have a lot of classes together. Harvey : ....and you too are always talking. Max : Geez Harvey.I like Jade and i'm planing on to ask her out.I was asking Amelia if she could Help me. Harvey : U like Jade?? Max : Yes and i was taking Helping from Amelia.It's okay Harvey if u like Amelia.She's a nice girl. Harvey : Yaa so should i ask her out. Max : Not now hang out with Her.U'll get to know each other and then u can ask her out.I'll help you with that. Harvey : Thanks Max. ⬇⬇⬇
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Before Tropical Storm #Harvey makes landfall this Friday, download the free Emergency App for flood watches and warnings in your area.