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Brings a new meaning to riding the waves 🌊😂😂
It's nice having my daughter around because she's my little reminder that I must be determined. Did you ever notice that kids have A LOT of determination? They need it if they want to crawl, walk, eat on their own, potty train, etc. My little reminder yesterday came when Rylie started riding this bike. We won it during Halloween time & she had to get the hang of how to pedal. She had a tricycle that was much easier to pedal. With time, practice, & DETERMINATION, she got it! I couldn't more proud of her & thankful. Thankful that she reminds me to be determined with being a coach. To continue being a go-getter & keep my focus on our future! 💕 - - - - - - - #lettering #shegotgame #christianvibes #blendedfamilylove #onetreehilllove #stationeryaddict #embossbitch #hawaiilife #toddlermom #plannercommunity
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