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Food Freedom is a learning process! I've used what I've discovered during 4 rounds of Whole30 to reframe my diet and lifestyle into what works for me and MY body. I'm so encouraged to have you all follow along with me! I hope you find inspiration for Whole30 meals, and maybe pick up a few tips and tricks for getting through The Whole30 and living in Food Freedom. A bit about me: my name is Melissa, I'm 24, I'm married to the best guy ever (though you won't see me post pics of him here because he likes his privacy), he's in seminary and we work together at a church in Wisconsin -- we live just between Milwaukee and Chicago only a few miles from the Illinois border. After a lifetime of being overweight, I lost 40 lbs in 2012 with Weight Watchers, but it wasn't until my first round of The Whole30 in August 2015 that I changed my food habits for good and learned the non-scale benefits of eating whole, clean, nutrient-dense food. 4 rounds later, and I'm all about Food Freedom, FOREVER! 🦄 Who's with me?! #whole30fff
The Healthstyle Emporium is such a positive and empowering space. 🙌 Every day it reminds me to smile and push myself to reach my goals & follow my dreams. 💫 I am currently searching for TWO soul sisters to join my team to empower others to reach their goals in health & wellness. 😘 Message me for details 💌
These Cookies & Cream Protein Balls are so Yummy!! Thank you nutrition station for supplying the goods 😁
I am NOT a morning person, whatsoever 🙅🏼 I literally roll out of bed with 10 minutes to quickly get together and out the door. But this journey, and life in general, is about stepping out of your "norm" and doing things you're afraid of. Heck no I don't want to wake up at 5:30!!! to workout when I could sleep an extra hour.. But I know how good my body will feel when I have a kickass start to the day 💪🏼 I'm setting my workout clothes out, and heading to bed {9:25 🙌🏼} and I will be holding myself accountable to workout in the morning. Goodnight friends! 👵🏼
I "Etin" sent this post to Sierra to motivate her today and she literally went through the following thought process all by herself >> #fitmomSi- fries😐 I love fries. I should fight for fries. #fitmomEtin - no, you love yourself. Fight to be the healthiest version of yourself #fitmomSi - oh yea that. Ok. 😩😩😩😩😩 y'all pray for her and her deliverance from unhealthy #carbs 🙏🏽🙏🏽 #fat2fitThick #thestruggle ! Haha an In case you don't know which one of us is who I have included a picture with the both of us! All you have to do is swipe right ☺️🤗 And welcome to our journey together 💪🏾