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A meal go-to: two eggs scrambled with fresh garlic, diced zucchini, and a tablespoon of butter, lots of sriracha, and a side of half a pear. It has enough protein and fat to keep me going for a while. It’s so helpful to me to develop a repertoire of healthy, easy recipes that I love. Part of the struggle of eating well is having to think so hard about what to put in your body. No denying, it takes work, but making lists of successful meals helps inspire me, and helps ensure that my grocery list is full of the right items. #healthyeating #eatrealfood #weightlossjourney
💥 omg ‼‼‼ #Repost @marlyngetsfit • • • • • • We don’t achieve worthwhile goals quickly or easily. They take time. They take struggle. They take relentless pursuit day in & day out. It’s a slow process. You will skip here and there or have a small setback. Your discipline and will might fade some days. Success and failure are both slow processes. Don’t work hard for a week & quit. We don’t gain weight overnight. We don’t lose weight overnight. It takes time and determination but have faith that you can! . . Be patient when it comes to transforming. You will achieve your goal as long as you don’t give up completely. There are many days I don’t feel like working out.. & then I go and I don’t regret the workout. There are many moments I crave food out of my meal plan or sweets but then I remember how I’d feel if I eat it and boom. I move along. & remember how far we have come! My first 30 days I lose 15lbs and that made me soooo happy because it was sooo easy to follow! . . Change can be easy or hard. The choice is ultimately yours. A lot of people might assume they can’t follow my meal plan because they haven’t tried it. Two healthy meal replacement shakes a day along with whole meals and snacks. Staying in a calorie range for your goals & working on getting 1% better EVERYDAY! For example, my goal is about 1300 calories per day. Each shake is 150, make it 300 calories for the day in shakes. The other 1000+ calories are on whole healthy foods! 😋 Why Not You?! Look at this photo and realize this CAN BE YOU! . . Send me a message to join my 21 day kick start to your journey. You can also click the link in my bio 📨 I’ve been there. I can help you, but are you willing to try? . . #TransformationTuesday #WeightlossGoals #
I REALISE THIS MEAL LOOKS WEIRD!! . . . There was random food in the house tonight so this was dinner! . . . There are lots of great things about this weird concoction: • It filled me up TONS! • It contained 82g of protein • It was only 464 calories • It contained #reggaereggaesauce which is ALWAYS A WINNER! . . . 2% turkey mince, frozen veg, reggae reggae sauce and wilted spinach 😋🥬🥬🥬
Not the prettiest thing I’ve ever done but still pleasantly surprised🙃 I can’t believe I’m leaving for Thailand tomorrow!!! I’m all packed up and ready to go. Stay tuned!✈️ . . . #detox #yoga #yogainspiration #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #health #healthy #healthyeating #healthspo #healthyliving #healthylife #healthychoices #healthybody #healthandfitness #fit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #fitspo #fitfam #fitfood #fitnesslifestyle #food #blog #workout #wanderlust #travelphotography #travelgram #yogafit #travel
When you're in Vegas with your girls and all of you can run an empire by using your phone, this is what you get! 💪🙌😆 I am so grateful for all of these women and the ability to have a flexible schedule working with an amazing, healthy, eco-friendly company. Tag a lady in your girl gang to say you are grateful for her! #inthistogether⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #2019arbonne #gtc #gtc2019 #lasvegas #girlgang #team #arbonne #inspirational #positivevibes #ecofriendly #veganmakeup #HealthyEating #HealthyLife #leadership #entrepreneurlife #healthinfluencer #beyourownboss #dreambigger #onlineempire #motivation #nutritioncoach #healthyisthenewhappy⁣⠀
Super veg meal! Feeling very fatigued today, so needed a very nourishing dinner. 🥦Cauliflower and Broccoli topped with chilli and paprika. 🥦Carrots and Parsnips with salt and pepper 🥦Spinach with chia seeds 🥦Falafel and Vegan Protein Bites 🥦Vegan Cheese with Basil, Seeds and Garlic. 🥦Hummus All cooked in plenty of high quality olive oil we bought from the zero waste shop. When I eat like this my body works best. When I get (almost) all my carbs and fats from healthy raw plant sources. Eating food like this works well, all nice (for me) to digest, high fibre, high micronutrient content. Framing it in a way that I focus on what I can eat, helps me enjoy eating. Rather than focus on what I cant/shouldn't . . . . . #vegan #lowfodmap #lowcarb #rawcarb #noprocess #noshit #eatclean #cleaneatinglifestyle #cleaneatinglifestyle #bodybuilding #powerbuilding #multisport #fatigued #healwithfood #healthroughdiet #healthyeating #needtobuyveganproteinpowder
Okay so I know it’s bad to have two ready meals in one day but I’m tired and my body hurts so this is where we’re at. This takes me 82 cals over for today but to be honest I’m fine with that 🤞🏻