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Back from Italy and I needed something other than pizza, pasta, or gelato. Never thought I’d say that. Anyways this ground turkey is literally so lit it puts the lit in literally. I tasted it and was like DAYUM I’m good. Cooked it in avo oil with turmeric and Tony’s and garlic. So amaze. Try it
Celebrating #meatlessmonday with this VEGAN FEAST 💚 I hope you are having a good start to your week. If you can chop & roast veggies, then you can make this meal 😉 It's nothing fancy, but super tasty & pretty to look at 💕 . RECIPE FOR ROAST VEGGIE VEGAN FEAST (1 Serving): 1/2 - 1 CUP GARLIC ROASTED ASPARAGUS, 1/2 - 1 CUP ROASTED YELLOW WAX BEANS, 1/2 - 1 CUP TURMERIC & BLACK PEPPER ROASTED ORANGE CAULIFLOWER, 1 @hilaryseatwell VEGGIE BURGER, 1/4 CUP @hopefoods HUMMUS, 1 SMALL SLICED RED RADISH, 1 TBS PUMPKIN SEEDS, 1/4 CUP MIXED SAUERKRAUT, . Preheat oven to 400°F. Prep your veggies and lay them out on baking trays. Spray w/ @chosenfoods AVOCADO OIL. Season the cauliflower w/ turmeric powder & black pepper. Season the asparagus w/ chopped garlic, or garlic powder. You can season the green beans if you like, but I left them plain. Roast the green beans and asparagus for about 10 minutes flipping halfway through. The cauliflower will take a bit longer 15 to 20 minutes. The veggie burger should also be cooked at 400°F - I like mine a bit crispy so I cook it for about 15 minutes total, flipping half way thru. Top your veggie burger w/ the hummus, radish, & seeds. ENJOY! 💕💕💕 . . . #eatrealfood #healthyfood #cleaneating #healthydiet #healthyeats #healthyliving #glutenfree #dairyfree #eatinghealthy #nourish #healthyrecipes #goodeats #healthyeating #realfood #cleaneats #thefeedfeed #thefeedfeedglutenfree #feedfeed #thenewhealthy #eatwell #superfood #wholefoods #goodmoodfood #fitfood #healthyfoodshare #eatgoodfeelgood #functionalfood #vegan
Bread for days! @marniwasserman recieved this delicious delivery from @delishkitch which includes freshly baked breads made from vegan, dairy-free, and grain-free ingredients such as #LiveKuna Organic Green Banana Flour!
The perfect palette 🌈
When the sun is out to play you know its going to be a beautiful day!! ☀️☀️
Being a mum is never easy, which is why it's important for mums to stay healthy and fit by eating clean foods and exercising regularly. According to the American Psychological Association, regular exercise can boost your mood by releasing a chemical in the brain called serotonin. This chemical has been known to link to influencing moods and decreasing depression and anxiety, which is a major problem in today's society. We support mothers out there to exercising and eat clean. After all, behind a happy mum is a happy family, right? :) Click Link in Bio. . . #photooftheday #followme #like4like #follow #picoftheday #summer #repost #instalike #food #fitness #amazing #life #photo #foodporn #motivation #gym #healthy #yummy #fit #workout #healthyliving #diet #weightlose #healthylifestyle #nutrition #weightlosejourney #cleaneats #cleaneating #healthychoices
What makes these safer shampoos so powerful? . . Purefoam cleansing technology – derived from sugars, purefoam delivers salon-level lather that leaves hair feeling fresh and light. Plus, its made without the damaging sulfates that can strip your strands. . . Volume & Shape: Reveal beautiful body and enviable oomp with this collection for fine, flat hair featuring volumizing hibiscus proteins. . . Smooth & Control: Formulated to fight frizz and tame unruly tresses, this collection is infused with wild cotton extract, which helps smooth and increase elasticity for shiny, healthy hair. . . Repair & Nourish: Developed to nourish dry, damaged hair, this collection includes antioxidant-rich Batavia oil, which helps restore luster to stressed strands Say goodbye to those bad hair days! 👋🏻💁🏻 . . {shop link in bio}
🍁 Fall 🍂 into safer beauty! . . Why is this perfect fall duo SAFER than other products? . . Vitamin E is used instead of the chemical BHT, a preservative commonly used in lip products that could have harmful health effects. It is also lightly scented with REAL vanilla, no synthetic flavors or fragrances. . . Shop link in bio for your perfect shade that provides a sheer wash of color and moisture without all the harmful ingredients!
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"Someday you'll look back and understand why it all happened the way it did" 💕