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✳️GIVEAWAY TIME✳️ I have teamed up with the lovely @nutristrength to host a giveaway for you guys. . The winner will get one tub (1kg) of protein of your choice (whey/pea) and one box of protein bars (whey/vegan)! . All you have to do to enter is: • Like this post • Follow me and follow @nutristrength • Tag 3 friends in the comments below . Winner will be announced this Sunday at 9pm. GOOD LUCK 💚 . #giveaway #fitnessgiveaway #proteinpowder #wheyprotein #vegan #veganprotein #gains #girlswholift #girlswhoworkout #girlswhosquat #strongnotskinny #strongisbeautiful #healthyfood #healthytips #healthyeating #iifym #iifymwomen #ifitfitsyourmacros #nutritiontips #eatbetternotless #healthyishappy #fuelyourbody #fuelyourpassion
Adding chia seeds to any meal is a great idea! •they are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, they are rich in antioxidants and provide fiber, iron and calcium•
because making your own always tastes better! 🙌🏼
This is convenience in a bottle! Deep Relief - for those days when you've done the laundry, ironing, weeded the flower beds, mowed the lawn, cleared out the loft, climbed Kilimanjaro, signed up to WWF and made dinner: roll on aching muscles. Breathe Again - for when you've fought and coughed your way through a haze of offsprings conventional deodrant, use for respiratory support. Stress Away - probably should have applied that before abovementioned housework. Oh and  to keep you out of jail when you've huffed all the oils and STILL want to slap that special someone. Tranquil - when you fall into bed after 1, 2 and 3 above. Roll over everything and everyone! Sleep tight...✨
RESTAURANT SURVIVAL GUIDE 🍴📊How I stay 'on track' eating out 😋 Mid week meal out tonight and I sometimes get asked how I stay healthy eating out 💪🏼So here's a few of my best ones👇🏼 . 1️⃣- Eat the same size portion as you would at home. Don't use it as an excuse to overeat! Restaurants are pretty accommodating and will wrap half up to go if it's too big, ask for half a portion or share it with your bestie 🙃 2️⃣- Order first!! If you're out with a gent this should happen anyways 💁🏼But this means you won't be tempted by everyone else's choices 😇 3️⃣- Go for steamed, grilled or roasted over deep fried every time 💯 4️⃣- Drink water BEFORE and during 💦 or at least get a glass of water alongside your fave drink 🍹 5️⃣- Don't let people make you feel bad for choosing to have salad instead of chips or for choosing the 'healthy' option! It's your body, you put in it what you want! 🔑 6️⃣- If you REALLY fancy a pud... HAVE ONE! 🍰 It's all about balance, most of the time I skip the pud but hell I'll have a big fat burger and chips and pud every once in a while if I fancy it 🙌🏼(Burgers go straight to the booty remember...🍑) . 7️⃣- Probably the most important one... Ask to sit by a window, better lighting for IG pics then 😉📸 . I went for roasted veg with a grilled chicken breast and house dressing (oh and always dip never pour with dips and sauces👌🏼) It was sooo delish!! 😋Hope this was a little useful for you lovelies... 🤷🏼‍♀️See yaaaaa tomorrow 👋🏼😘 #dinner #eatingout #restaurant #healthy #stayontrack #wednesdaywisdom #whatieat #foodblogger #foodisfuel #instadaily #nutrition #healthyhabits #wcw #weightlossmotivation #bae #tips4life #healthytips #influencer #eatyourveggies
#healthytips #applecidervinegar . . Apple Cider Benefits: . . Diabetes Prevention: Multiple studies have shown a correlation between apple cider vinegar and lower blood sugar levels. ... . . Weight Loss: Consuming apple cider vinegar can help you feel more full, which can help you eat less. ... . . Lower Cholesterol: ... . . Detox: ... . . Digestive Aid: ... . . Energy Boost: . . For more healthy tips follow my Instagram,Facebook page and Twitter pages @fitnesswithash # #fitness #fwafitness #health #nutrition #detox #trainer #coach #lifestyle tyle
You ask me why I am doing this. I will tell you because i want the freedom✈🏆. I want the freedom to be able to love myself 💛💛I want the freedom to spend as much time with my kids👬 as possible I want for feel good about myself.🌹I want the freedom to travel I want to live debt free not having to worry about what is coming in the mail today. 📪I want to be able to just up and visit my family whenever I dam well please😊😊. If you have a dream of freedom from every thing lets chat 📱about putting your dreams into reality✔ stop just letting them be dreams 💭💭
🍃G.I.V.E.A.W.A.Y BEET LOVERS! 🍃today we've teamed up with @theneighborgoodswithlove to dish out some BEET SWAG to ONE lucky WINNER 💕prizes include a beet apron, beet dish towel, + of course a BUNCH of Love Beets goodies! 🙌 . TO ENTER: 1. like the photo above and follow both @lovebeets + @theneighborgoodswithlove 2. tag a beet loving friend in the comments below . --> enter as many times as you'd like in separate comments! More entries = more chances to WIN 🤗 . ** U.S. residents only! 👉winner will be selected at random on Thursday 5:00pm est.
Who wants to spend time thinking about meal prep this summer? No one! Lunchtime can be easy, fun, and delicious with a three step foolproof formula. It also works for breakfast, dinner, and snack time. Check it out and say goodbye to the oven and hello to more summer fun! // #ontheblog [link in profile] . . . . #dietitianapproved #RDeats #RDtips #healthytips #eatbetternotless #foodislove #mindfuleating #eatwhatyoulove #healthyfood #eattherainbow #nourish #lunchtimemadeeasy #simplefood #summertime #lunch #mealprep #mealplanning #celebratelife #celebratefood #celebratesummer
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