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Eat your GOALS not your emotions✨🍴😋👍🏽
same idea as my last video... except i've moved the focus to my lats with the theraband at "nipple height" 😂 (the only cue that seems to work for everyone) & feet in first! actively squeeze those heels together the whole time for inner thigh activation & bring tension to the band on the jump. add a curl for extra credit. 👣
Evening ritual: shower, lay in bed with my feet on the wall, and apply my homemade calendula, chamomile, and rose infused jojoba oil on my body. This gentle inversion + massage helps me go to sleep more easily, and leaves my skin soft and smooth. Self-love in one of its many forms, hairy legs and all 💚😌💤 _________________ #goodnight #selfcareritual #heathyhabits
i've been trying to incorporate more arm work into my jumps during cardio reformer so we don't have to take breaks from jumping to do upper body- glue elbows to rib cage as your bring your wrists apart, getting at that rotator cuff. curl up & hold the tension on your band to burn out 💪🏼
Happy FRIDAY everyone! Emma Lucia is one happy #baby after eating mommys homemade #beetpuree One thing I always say to parents is "LET BABIES GET DIRTY!" Eating is as much a sensory process as it is a taste process. Children need to get acquainted with new #textures, #colors and #flavors. When we constantly clean them up, we limit their experience to explore new foods. A good tip is to always place food in front of them at all meals. This will enhance their #selfeeding skills and slow their #pincergrasp to fully develop....Plus, you make mealtimes more relaxed and happy! 😁Now who doesn't want that? . Baby recipe soon to come.. #tgifridays #babyfood #kidsnutrition #tips . . . . . LLEGO EL VIERNES!!! Alguien está muy contenta después de devorarse el #puree casero de #remolacha ....Próximamente la receta en el #blog! Uno de los consejos más importantes que tengo para #mamas con bebés es: DEJEN QUE SE ENSUCIEN en las comidas. Los bebés están aprendiendo a comer. Este proceso involucra los 5 sentidos. Dicho esto, para los bebés es muy importante desarrollar sus habilidades sensoriales. Si eres una mama que limpia constantemente a su hijo en las comidas, no lo hagas! Deja que tu bebé explore el alimento- que lo huela, lo agarre con las manos y lo pruebe. Esto le ayudará a aprender a comer solito porque aprenderá a llevarse la comida a la boca. Lo mejor es que ayuda a crear un ambiente relajado y #positivo en las comidas. A fin de cuentas todos queremos más paz en las comidas!! 😁 Feliz Viernes a todos! #babyfood #babymenu #babyfoodidea #nutricioninfantil #nutricionista #nutrichicos #whatifeedmykid #kidsfood #alimentacioncomplementaria #puree #babyfood #heathyhabits #pediatricnutrition
Day 12/30 of Fit for February! I'm going to the gym with a few friends after work today and it's lower body day, so decided to do Cardio 2....not sure why I thought that was going to be a good idea 😳😩😂. Frog Burpees, mountain climbers, water bugs..... #ugh. I'm glad it's done and I don't have to do cardio 2 until next week 👍🏼. Go ahead and try these moves...see if your face matches mine on the last move 😫😂! . . . . . . . . . #fitforfebruary #22mhc #cardio #ouch #fitnessjourney #heathyhabits #goals #strongereveryday #getfit #bod #homeworkout #streamyourworkout #sweat #teamlovehandles
messy workout hair, lotsa winter layers & this girl writing the kindest review of my reformer class for @sweatscale !! 💜🙏🏼✨💪🏼