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Heating it up for the first time and this one tastes like APPLE PIE!!!!🍎🍰😋 . •1/2cup oats •1/4cup coconut milk •1/4cup Greek yogurt •50g apples •1tsp cinnamon . Keep the recipes coming!! I LOVE trying all of YOUR favorites!❤
Adding SHOTS... apple cider vinegar shots that is😉 to my daily intake, 15 min before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some benefits are to help with digestion, weight loss, reduce bloating, help your muscles produce energy more efficiently and keeps you full longer👍🏽Anyone else take or have taken apple cider vinegar before???
#mealprepping has become a part of my weekly routine now and it gets easier and quicker the more I prep 👍🏼 this has gotta be a PB though taking just 10 minutes! 😝 sweet potatoes cooked in the microwave for 10 mins, broccoli chopped and left raw (this will cook when I microwave it at work) and a side of kidney beans 🍠🍠🍠🍠 finished with a drizzle of olive oil and some black pepper 👌🏼 oh and 1 lunchbox FULL of mixed nuts and raisins 🙈 #nevergohungry #snackhealthy #gettinggoodatthis #heathyhabits #healthyfood #eatingclean #nomeat #nodairy #noeggs #veggie #vegan #crueltyfreefood #haveagoodweek #eatwell #feelwell
Today the job is providing lunch. I was waiting to get some but I figured it wouldn't be healthy. (Heard it was Italian) So I ate my healthy veggie pizza and guacamole and celery sticks. I've never had those two together before but its sooo good. #healthyeating #healthyeats #heathyhabits #eatfresh #eatathome #cookathome #cooking #weightloss #healthylunch #healthyisthenewsexy #weightlossjournals #weightlossjourney #weight #takecareofyourself #lovingme #onedayatatime #onemealatatime #keepgoing #myweightlossstory #myjourney
A big misconception I hear a lot is it takes hours in the gym every day to see results. The most I have worked out in the morning for the past year was maybe 50 minutes. The past few months less than 30 minutes. It's not about how long you workout out but about showing up everyday. Right now I'm only working out 22 minutes a day but Im pressing play every day. On the days I feel like it and on the days when it's the last thing I want to do.
Back and Bisss super late tonight, thought I'd be done early but that didn't happen 🙄oh well... still got in there and made it happen! Haven't done these cable pulls in forever and I'm so happy I remembered to throw them in there tonight because they're amazing. Also-- the second set of bicep curls with the cable: your arm should be more at a 90 degree angle, it's hard to judge when you aren't looking in a mirror 🤔 Happy Sundaaay! Wake up tomorrow and crush ittt! ☺️
Who said salads had to be boring and tasteless??? NOT ME!🙅🏽 Made a warm spinach steak salad with brussel sprouts and a balsamic coconut glaze!😋👍🏽