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For me it took exactly a year to lose weight at a healthy rate. It is not about getting to your goal fast but making long lasting results
Fresh mango&scarring juice got me feelin' them tropical vibes despite this snow shower! 😎🌴🥕 #mangoemojiplz
Fake it 'til you make it Fridays 💁🏼Before & After edition
Gotta love lunch on the go . . . and in just 60 seconds!!! 👍 This is legit "FAST FOOD"! Do you ever feel like you're always running around, spending 1/2 the day in the car 🚗, shuttling kids to activities ⚽️and no time to eat a real meal? It's one of those days for me 😨 The old me would just grab a bagel (or croissant) 🍞from the grocery store bakery while doing my shopping (yes, I like to multi-task) and wash it down with a Diet Coke. But I realized that it made me more lethargic and grumpy 😣and caused my blood sugar to crash. Grumpy Mom = Not Fun Mom . . When I found this health shake, I realized it gave me everything I needed and SO much more! The superfoods included in it boosts my immune system (momma has no time to be sick!), gives me natural energy & keeps me fully satisfied until my next meal. Plus it tastes amazing. 😋Win Win! This right here is like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup - - - trust me! If you don't believe me, you need to try it for yourself! It's the BEST "fast food" around!
Meet our Pre Winter Army! Here are our top notch immune tonics, gut boosters and nutrients to help you avoid an immune system break down this coming winter. EARLY you say?.. we say "No WAY start now"! All of these products can be found in store along with helpful information and advice from our lovely staff ! #vegan #paleo #primal #health #healthlifestyle #guthealth #healthygut #organic #natural #naturalfoods #fresh #fit #fitlife #drouinhealth #healthdrouin #healthvictoria #heathyhabits #immuneboost #winterwarmers #nutrition #healthfoods
When you are craving cake but trying to be healthy. 😂 I created this brownie type dessert (also using whole wheat flour) and it turned out really good! 😊👍🏻 It wasn't cake but took care of the sweet chocolate craving. 🎂🍫Plus much healthier then going and buying a cake. 😉👌🏼 #Create #Baking #Brownies #Vegan #Cravings #HeathyHabits #HealthierChoice #PlantProtein #Dessert #VeganDessert #WhatVegansEat #VegansOfIG #EggFree #DairyFree #Yum #CravingSatisfied #Homemade #Chickpeas #PeanutButter #PlantMilk #MapleSyrup #CocoaPowder
Nope, I don't have a normal job. Nope, I don't work in an office. Nope, I don't work in a gym. Nope, I don't have set hours. . In fact most people don't really truly know what my job is or really understands it. . That's ok 👌🏼because I know how to do it & I also get to stay home with this girl while earning an income ❤️ . I work when I can around this girls sometimes unpredictable schedule 🙄 I just went live over on my FB page and she was my little co-host 💁🏻if you will. . Now I get to pause work, ignore messages & play with her for a while. This is my life ❤️❤️ . Go over to ➡️ Jennifer Nelson Fitness & Nutrition on FB to catch my little rant about how we need to change our relationship with food ✌🏻 #toughlove
My new favorite morning and night time drink. Tumeric, Lemon, dash of black pepper. Helps with pain, inflammation, weight loss, and sleep. I've been sleeping throughout the night without waking up! Hot or cold. #tumeric #tumerictea #heathyhabits #healthylifestyle
SPRING is here! ☀️💐 89 Days until Summer 👙🕶🏖 How do you want to look & feel this summer? . Do you know what you can do in 89 days? A lot!! . I am looking for 5 ladies who want to truly take their health serious & prepare for the summer together. . We are not just focusing on “losing weight & getting into shape”. We will be focusing from the inside out. We will take a real close look at your nutrition to help you to truly get healthy. We will work on some personal development & personal growth. . Together we will follow a fitness program (that is the best match for you) and have a dialed in nutrition plan. . You will get: Daily accountability 1:1 Coaching Daily tips, facts, recipes & videos to help you stay on track and form your healthy lifestyle. Daily access to a private support group Nutritional Guidance PRIZES! 🛍 . 👉🏻 Comment below or sent me a DM or email Jennelsonfitness for more information. . 🖐🏻Participants must be in the US or Canada, 18+, and not already working with a coach
I am just loving this progress photo of my client @salrazo_0204 I just recently posted a photo of her in action doing some shoulders/ back and WOW has her hard work been paying off! Still working towards her goals, but only 3 months into her training program, I must say she's doing pretty damn good! 🙌🏻💪🏻 remember ladies strength and confidence is sexy! So work hard for what you want and the end result will lead to increased overall self efficacy and being comfortable in your own skin no matter what your physical results are! #perfectionfitness #personaltrainer #privatefitnessstudio #holisticlifestylecoach #lifestyle #womensfitness #girlswholift #pushthelimits #noexcuses #nevergiveup #heathyhabits #ranchocucamonga #progresspic #goals
~ ME ~ this is me. My morning self. #nofilter #nofacetune #nomakeup #nonothing. It took me half a lifetime to accept and love my body, myself. 🖤Do i like the fact that my face gets more wrinkles? No. Do i like the fact that i have to wair a special stockings for my legs? Every single day? Hell no. Do i look forward to go in my bikini with several scars on my body? Not particularly no. 🖤But you know what? This body serves me every single day. It survived a pretty nasty eating disorder. It survived several surgeries. It survived cancer. 🖤My wrinkles show the tears, the pain, the worry, the sorrow, the fear but they most definitely show the hope, the laughter, the relief, the belief and the love. It's just me. And it kills me to see so many beautiful young girls trying to live up to a standard that isn't real. And I am certainly NOT going to be a fake role model for them. And myself. 🖤Tomorrow I'm going to start with the #easypeasyreset 21 days. Please do join me. Will focus on getting back our energy, eating healthy, breaking bad habits and yeah maybe lose some weight. But the goal 🥅 is to love yourself. 🖤So go for it. Check the link in the bio and join me together with over 400 women and a few brave guys! #easypeasyreset #heathyhabits #loveyourself #emotionaleating #thesearenotwrinklesbutlifelines #gethealthy #energize #fitmoms #fitdads #tribemom #nourishingguidance #truecolors ❤️🥒🙏🏻