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Many of us so called latinos and hispanics have grown up in an atmosphere of hatred and fear where we are taught that dark skin is bad and we must grow up and marry a white person to have children with blue eyes we have grown up in a way that calling a person an indian is an insult and that spaniards are superior we even claim falsely that we have a "grandparent from spain" or "grandparent with green eyes" but we then turn around and complain about racism this is wrong and we have to fix this tell your children about colonialism and the devastating effects it has had on our people teach them to love themselves because the only reason that their skin is dark is that even the sun loved them so much that it kissed them be poetic teach them to love education and arts just like our ancestors stop breeding out your own blood in an attempt​ to please the white man have you not seen his hatred for you? Im not telling you to hate back im telling you to honor yourself and conserve yourself from him if the white man wishes to talk mess then boycott him dont date him if he wants to talk smack then dont give him your services work and live for our communities let us strengthen ourselves because at the end of the day wr only have each other #fucktrump #boycottwhitebussinesses #hispanic #mexicanpride #coppercolorednatives
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