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'벤치에 앉아있다가 심심할땐?' Series 1💫 'You want to play around bench?' Series 1🌟
CROWDSOURCING: Who are eager to learn to teach ESL to English learners and willing to undergo workshops for a little amount of registration fee? Registration fee is for a cause. I started working as a private English Tutor 12 years ago and eventually, established myself in the ESL industry. I am ever grateful to the Lord for His hands that orchestrated everything that has happened in my life, for the skills, for the diligence and for the great love and enthusiasm in this field. Apart from Him, nothing good can come out from me. Being an ESL Instructor helped me finish my Bachelor's degree and at a young age, it helped me somehow feed myself and my family at some point. Now, it is my bread and butter. I work from home, control my own schedule and still, by God's grace, honoring my parents through this job. I am very grateful for being part of our company, I must say, one of the best online schools in Japan []. I desire for nothing but to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ through this business, and to help those who are inclined to doing this job. Being an ESL Instructor has a lot of benefits, some of them are the following: 1. 2020 Olympics will be held in Japan, more and more are studying English. 2. Language and communication are as important as food. 3. Working from home, as an ESL instructor, is very conducive for mothers. 4. You can build genuine relationships with people from different countries. 5. It's one of the most stress-free jobs. <3