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I need advise, I got my best friend so much gifts for her birthday, a cake ballons, banners etc. I was extra I know but in my mind it makes sense cause there’s a sort of pressure to be super extra when celebrating each other’s birthdays or Christmas. Anyway she didn’t get me anything for my birthday, and it was a really bad day for me, my birthdays always are my worst days. Even though she got me nothing I still wanted to make sure her birthday was amazing because I know how horrible birthdays could be and I wanted to make sure she felt loved for her birthday. Anyway Christmas is coming up and I want to get her a extra gift again and make her feel special but my mum said I shouldn’t because she’s probably not going to do it for me (even though she said she was going to mix my birthday present with my Christmas present and be super extra). I agree with my mum that she’s probably not going to be so extra and I’m still kinda hurt that she didn’t give me a gift or even a card for my birthday. I’m not sure if I should try so hard for Christmas, but if she gives me a really big extra gift and I only give her a small gift I’m going to feel bad that she put so much effort in it but I didn’t. What should I do? #horrible #horriblefriend #friends #dissapointed #dissapointment #conflicts #birthday #birthdaygirl #christmas #gift #giftsforher #gifts #money #lonely #love #loved #friendship #mad #advice #why #bitch
Been out shopping for furniture whole day, and had bought nothing. Just realize how tired it is😔😔