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Would you snitch on your essay? 😂
Saying "I'd die for you" is funny to me. It's supposed to show how much you care but I would die for no reason.
I have so many voices in my head it's getting harder and harder to concentrate.
If this ends how I think it's gonna end, then I end with it.
"My suicide" was an amazing movie you guys should watch it.
I just cut myself and it didn't satisfy me. I had to cut deeper to get the same feeling. Maybe eventually I'll crave that feeling so much that I'll cut myself deep enough so that it kills me. That's how I'll go out, craving for that one feeling.
Idk why people fear death. Maybe it's because I have nothing to loose if I die. I think death is beautiful. Death is the only constant thing in the universe.
😱😱😂😂 No Sah