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Fitness is my escape to the real world. I enjoy it so much that besides reading there is no other outlet for me.
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We out out 🍔🍔
I would be a shoe person if I had 1) enough money 2) had enough places to go to wear different ones 3) if shoes actually fit me properly (I legit look like a grumpy ass here 😂)
Lyrical content 👌🏻
#FlexFriday💪🏼 When training my "At-Home" Client Im ALWAYS looking around for new ways to use the environment and the resources at hand while giving him a challenge. You may laugh, but Ive been trying to find another step level beyond whats around his gorgeous pool in back, and then I laid eyes on the ladder. A typical household item, used by tons of men, so I used this as part of his glute strength training. Vid on left is an intermediate level step height, vid on the right is clearly higher and more advanced, and before going into these his legs were already shot. But boy did these make those glutes work for it😂😁💪🏼 For more unique, effective workout ideas for your home space, keep following me😉
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