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#Repost @theamberroominternational: Be aware of who and what you allow into your life for not everyone has good intentions. Just as many seek the light in themselves and others, there are those who wish to extinguish that light with their negativity. The next 24/48 hours is an intense phase of renewal and release as we head towards the Mercury Retrograde. We are reminded that we have the power to manifest what we want and repel what we don't in this surge of inner strength. Today there may be conflict around you, as some could be feeling super sensitive. Understand this and stay calm but positive. Pluto also asks us to look personally into the darker aspects of ourselves (the parts we know exist but keep hidden) because what we hide can cause a build up of toxicity in our bodies and attract more toxicity to us. So use this cosmic influence and accept all aspects of who you are. If you feel the need to be alone today, be so. Mercury is also a strong influence for the weekend and so could cause some restless sleep - but often because our minds will be full of ideas and possibilities and this, coupled with Jupiter's energy, will see us being asked to apply those ideas and our talents to full advantage by seizing the moment to begin, whilst being aware of all the pitfalls today! Protect your energy and put it to good use and stand strong anything that doesn't support this .. #stop #negative #energy #reflection #relax #sleep #dark #grow #strong #strong #inspiration #healthy #lifestyle #instagood #instadaily #igers #instalike #thankyou #quote @wu_shire #digital #art #drawing #image #comment @theamberroominternational
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I just wanna be a cuddle bear for life ❤️
My Alkaline Vegan chicken organic corn tacos, family say yum. Yea I did that!
Blue amidst a sea of Green. 💙