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Keeping it short & sweet 😘🏋🏾
PR on my military press 🔥🔥 37.5 KG for 5 reps / i am ONE HAPPY GAL 👸🏼 • now that i'm on a bulk (or refeed 🍔) my main aim is to gain strength! i am so deterred to smash my personal best's regularly. i use to struggle to do this exercise with just the bar, and now i'm nearly on 40KG. tracking your progress on how much weight you can pull is SUCH a motivating way of doing it, so rewarding ✨✨ • i am aware my form isn't it's best here but this was my only set at this weight, i just wanted to test myself. i then lowered my weight for the rest of my sets. again, this is just for my own record of strength 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 #strengthfeed #strongnotskinny #shoulders
Morning workout! Gym=My favorite place to be! 💪🏾😤