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X. HANDSTAND STRADDLE . . . . 🐳🐳 #FlowIntoInversions 🐳🐳 . . . Playing with my gorgeous friend @bendfitmend . 👉 Hosts: @ShreeYoga @AmyYogaMomOf3 @InversionJunkie @Haley_Nickle 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 👉Follow Our Generous Sponsors: @InversionJunkieApparel @YouPhoriaYoga @BuddhiBox @MidWestShades @Bohemian_Island @YogaPaws @MyMatMyMantra @SheIsStrongMalas 🙊🙉🙈🙊🙉🙈🙊🙉🙈🙊🙉🙈🙊 Day 1 Headstand EagleLegs 👉 @ShreeYoga Day 2 Pike Headstand 👉 @Haley_Nickle Day 3 Lotus Headstand 👉 @AmyYogaMomOf3 Day 4 Chinstand 👉 @InversionJunkie Day 5 Pincha Scorpion 👉 @ShreeYoga Day 6 Pincha Straight Up 👉 @AmyYogomOf3 Day 7 Pincha Bow & Arrow 👉 @Haley_Nickle Day 8 Pincha L- Shape 👉 @InversionJunkie Day 9 Handstand Scorpion 👉 @ShreeYoga Day 10 Handstand Straddle 👉 @Haley_Nickle Day 11 Handstand Diamond 👉 @AmyYogaMomOf3 Day 12 Handstand Tuck 👉 @InversionJunkie @igyogachallenges deluu #fitness #yogachallenge #makingshapes #instafit #inversionjunkie #workout #breath #strength #dancephotography #challengeyourself #bestrong #bootcamps #glutes #martialarts #crossfit #bikiniyoga #core #strength #balance #handstand #practiceyourvariation #handstandstraddle #straddlehandstand
Starting weight: 27st 4lbs (382lbs) (174kg) Last Week: 19st 12.25lbs (278.25lbs) (126kg) This week: 19st 11.25lbs (277.25lbs) (125.5kg) LOSS this week: 1lb (0.5kg) TOTAL LOST: 7st 6.75lb (104.75lbs) (48.5 kg) I had hoped to shift the 1 and half pounds I put on last week but I will always take any type of loss! It’s another pound closer to my goal! I had drinks last Friday night and had an Indian take away on Sunday with some Ice Cream. I slightly over did it with the ice cream but I worked seriously hard all week on my food intake and exercise to make up for it. I know if I stopped drinking and giving myself a cheat meal that I would lose more weight each week. But it’s not sustainable for me. I’ve done it in the past where I went all out and stuck to a diet plan with no exceptions. It worked whilst I was on it but once I stopped the diet the weight piled back on. This time is different. I never feel like I’m on a diet for a set amount of time. This is the way I will continue to live my life once I reach my goal. I will always need to keep an eye on my weight. But that’s ok as it doesn’t have to always mean sacrifice. It’s just about balance. I am off to Cork now for work so will have to visit the gym this evening. I am having an active weekend but will be out for a lunch on Sunday with a few drinks. Monday will be my day of rest. Then back at it come Tuesday.
#smoothiebowl pour le petit dej 😍 a défaut d'avoir des couleurs à l'extérieur 🌧 on les met dans le bowl 😆 Smoothie framboise, banane 🍌 et lait d'avoine 🌾 et topping framboises, graines de lin, coco 🌴 et granola 😋 Et vous c'est quoi le petit dej today?
Need to get those hams dropping 😤 Hams, quads, calves, abs today!
🥑🍟🍫🥓🥕 Gårdsdagens snak om kost med Beginnersholdet i @toolbox_cf 🏋🏼‍♀️ De fik en helt basal introduktion til kost og vi snakkede om begrebet sundhed. Til sidst fik vi en god diskussion om vaneændring vs slankekur - jeg håber de synes det var spændende at høre om en anden tilgang til vægttab end de hidtil har kendt 😊 #slutmedforbudt #glædermigtilatbliveægtevanecoachtilefteråret