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Walking down the stairs like...
2 weeks ago i was so afraid and battling with my Minds. Realizing weird things and start to realize that my decision or even opinion not always correct or even what i want. Last year i had the glorious times, doing Amazing and outrageous things that i wouldn't never thought i can do that. It's to letting go, not always holding it together, make my head spinning, cry my tears at night, and sometimes avoid good people.ALLAH SWT always have plans for me, this is why i need to came here, to realize more mistakes i waiste and the goodness i take.I'm so thankfull i have yoga right now, i have a another media to connect with my soul besides dancing. Be a beginner yogi its beyond awesome even tough i learn it alone, but its so helpfull more than just a therapy. Namaste❤🙏 #gay #instagay #yogaeveryday #yogapractice #yogaaddict #yogaeverydamnday #yogafun #yogapants #yogajourney #followforfollow #yogagram #yogaforeveryone
For all my bi's out there - Joshua
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