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I have finally shared my secret on how I edit my Instagram photos over on the blog! { link in bio }
Can't wait for it to be warm enough to swim again 🌞
current makeup goals: to have so much highlight i can rent myself out as a disco ball
I wish I took more pictures. And I wish someone would take candids of egg looking me.
You came back to my page again 😍 Thanks, appreciated. Write in the comments section what you think of this theme. Would you try this popular theme on your page? Are you using this theme at the moment? What advice can you give to others? ... . Today's theme is the "Checker Board" theme. This is still a very popular theme on Instagram & "SUPER EASY" to implement. Have a l👀k at these examples of the "Checker Board" theme. Visually 100% on point! Very eye catching in your grid of 6 - 9 pictures posted. ... . If this the theme you want to go with but not have no photo's to start with. Check out the 2 FREE stock websites & we all love ❤️ FREE right! Great selection of pictures, colors, items or topics to get you a started with. These sites take away the worry of "where am I going to find lots of pictures" No worries, I've got you covered. ... . . Claim NOW your FREE Training: "ULTIMATE GUIDE TO INSTAGRAM" Video Tutorial. 1 hour 24 minutes of PURE VALUE! Link in bio use this shortcut 👉 @yvonnehaughian. ... . Follow this page for even more Social Media Tips & set your notifications! See SMT 170, look for a person on a Skateboard. Another theme page to come that I'm sure you do not want to miss. ...