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Kuala Lumpur Tower . . . Another view of the city, this time from our hotel pool @hotelstripeskl. The city is so much more peaceful and tranquil from this view. None of the craziness of the street during the day, just the calm of the night, with @menarakl towering above the city illuminated. . . . #roamtheplanet #worldnomads #lonleyplanet #traveling #travelers #travelholic #travelcouple #travelgram #travelphotopgraphy #exploring #picoftheday #camera #discoverearth #throughthelens #snapshot #instatravel #instamoment #ig_shots #adifferentworldview #travelwithme #hotelpool #kualalumpurtower #kltower #hotelstripeskl #nighttimephotography #cityphoto #tranquility #hotellife #citybynight #citynights
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Spending an afternoon at Paris’ Montmartre neighborhood with the backdrop of the popular Sacré Cœur Basilica. ⛪️ 🇫🇷
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What the various peoples of the Sahara who thrived off the lush grasslands fed by the West African monsoons could not have known was that their good fortune was temporary. Years ago before the development of humans or even primates the Sahara was a sea. But for 7 million years it had been mostly a desert. However the earth’s orbit around the sun is not consisted and every few thousand years it wobbles. About 12,000 years ago the earth’s orbit and axis wobbled a bit and the suns rays hit just right to evaporate water from the ocean and send it across Africa and dump huge amounts a water across the Sahara. Unfortunately for those who made their home there that astronomical wobble was merely temporary and in astronomical terms quite short. After about 5000 years it correct and the Sahara reverted back to its desert state. Aided in no small part by the domestication of cows and goats by humans in the absence of large scale game hunting which died out as the grasslands dried out. The climatic change may have been particularly dramatic. Normally the earth’s axis tilts on a relatively consistent scale of every 40,000 years, which means that the Sahara is scheduled to green again in only 25,000 plus years from now. However one key aspect that affects the monsoonal cycles is the amount of heat in the northern hemisphere, which compared to the south lacks as much water surface. Should some of the more extreme climatic modes for the future turn out to be true, with the ice caps melting the monsoonal patterns of Africa could shift dramatically. Possibly greening the Sahara much earlier.
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