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We survived our first week with 2 kids! We were feeling ambitious and went grocery shopping and to the park for our first stroll. I was super blessed with another quick and easy delivery which makes for a quick recovery. I started feeling contractions around 4:30 while we were shopping, we got to the hospital by 7 dilated at a 3, and lil man was born just before 10. We got to go home late the very next day. I like to think that staying fit has helped with my fast deliveries but it's hard to say for sure. They definitely don't run in my family. I also spend my last weeks of pregnancy going on lots of walks and spending some time on my exercise balace ball. After a week of being cooped up we are starting feel ready to go out into the real world again. Slowly but surely. Breastfeeding is the hardest part of having a baby and recovery for me. It's going a lot better than last time but it's still my greatest challenge. Now I'm just beyond ready to settle into our new routine, in our new house, with our new babe, and finish our home gym. #itsarunderfullife #motherrunner #runlikeamother #runningmom #runlikeagirl #fitmom #fitness #trimom #triathlete #instatri #trigirl #trilife #girlsthattri #swimbikerun #strollerrun #momlife #postpartum
It was hard to keep it easy but i have done it 😊 3hours slow eating 😊🚴‍♀️❤!! Nicht wirklich meine Lieblingseinheit!!! Streng nach Puls im war zeitweise wirklich schwer bei Gegenwind und Hügeln gefühlt zu schleichen. Vor allem weil ich durch die Nachwirkungen des Nachtdienstes und Allergieproblemen schon sehr hochpulsig gestartet bin 😬 Aber ich habs durchgezogen und auch nix gegessen!!! Das Essen wird jetzt aber nachgeholt ❤🚴‍♀️👍🏻!!!!!
#mimimiLars . . . @tric0l0gnie:Radfahren bei dem Wetter ist einfach nur ein Traum! Aber kaum kommt die Sonne raus, schmeißen die Bauern Ihre Gülle auf die Felder! Mein Fresse hat das teilweise gestunken! Aber was muss, dass muss - radfahren am Limit halt! 🤢😂 Und den Venloop habe ich auch noch richtig in den Knochen gespürt. Aber nach ein paar Metern einfahren, hat es dann wieder richtig Bock gemacht. Es war dann so cool, sind dann über 100km geworden. 💪✌️ #deutschermeister #tricologne #100km . . . . #mimimiLEGENDS #triathlon #triathlete #tri #instasport #multisport #instatri #swimbikerun #bike #biketrip #cologne #thetrihood #triathworld #top_triathletes #bikingrepost #livetheride #lovetoride #cycling #cyclingshots #tri365 #justbikeit #amaincycling #3athlonlife #IM703Luxembourg #IRONMANTraining #triathlon_in_the_world
Managed to get back out on the road today. My knee held up okay with the band I've got on 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. The next two weeks are a huge couple of weeks for me. First I will be meeting the @asicsfrontrunner team on Friday then running in Manchester on the Sunday. Back to work on the Monday, then Paris 🇫🇷. The 9th April is only a matter of days away now. Marathon running here I come. ❤
What a day for a race! Taking some speed coming over a bridge at the #ClonmelDuathlon last Sunday on way to a 4th place. Such a treat to race in Ireland in warm sunshine 🌞🌞🌞🌞
:::5 DÍAS PARA #InfiniTriHalf::: -- "La satisfacción radica en el esfuerzo, no en el logro. El esfuerzo TOTAL es una victoria COMPLETA" 👊🏽 --