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Lección número 1 para los trail... Mira al suelo al correr, o puedes quedarte sin una uña del pie y dejar media rodilla en el camino 🏃💥😲
Ve yüzme antrenmanı da güle oynaya biter. Ama bu kamera su altında da çok iyi @actioncamtr hemde hiç ayar yapmadan. #asladurma #
What a morning for a run! I spent this morning in the hills, building strength and endurance. People always ask me what do I think about on my long runs - it's funny what goes through your head. My mind is at peace when I run. Thoughts and ideas for projects and business ideas come into my head, thoughts of where I am trying to get to and how do I go about getting there. Running is a powerful tool! It opens the mind to extraordinary things! 🏊🚴🏃