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Fill in the blank. "I AM __________." The words you use in that blank have the power to shape your reality. Too often we don't recognize the positive and strength in ourselves. Go ahead and do so now. Notice the change in energy and attitude. Today...I AM STRONG. Your turn. Tell me below. 🙏🏼👇🏼💙💗 Thanks @trishwarnock for an incredible yoga class today, and these beautiful thoughts. #yoga #positivethoughts #seethegood #treepose
It's recovery day! 🙌🏽😊 This morning was the first time during this rainy week that the storms kept me inside ☔️⛈ Ran for 30 minutes around the gyms at school. Not sure what my pace was.. but kept it nice and relaxed ☺💜🏃🏻‍♀️ Also got my strength training in today 👊🏽 Lateral lunges, deadlift, bench, and one legged balancing on the bosu ball 💪🏽 Anyone else look at their Garmin race predictor?! Kinda cool! But it has changed the past 3 times I looked at it... after my workout yesterday it said my 5K should be 17:22 😳 Anyone know how accurate it is? Happy #workoutwednesday friends 💚💕 #irun #iamarunner #instarunners #running #runhappy #runhard #runitfast #mizunorunning #womensrunningcommunity #alwaysrun #runner #runnerspace #runnerscommunity #runnershoutouts #worlderunners #runtagit #runninglifeinspiration #inspiringwomenrunners #fitness #neverstoprunning #runnersworld #texasrunner #instagramrunning #epicrun #notrunningsucks #infinitejoggers #womenrunning
These ladies rocked the City Dash Open Relay last year. Grab 3 besties and run a marathon together as a relay team.
WEEK 9 - DAY 3 🔸 45' CIRCUIT TRAINING 🔸 50' EASY RUN Giornata fredda e ventosa. Ho cominciato con un allenamento a circuito di 45' in cui ho alternato bicipiti, tricipiti e dorso. Ogni segmento e' stato sollecitato con 3x10 ripetute di vari esercizi a corpo libero e di sollevamento pesi, con 30" di riposo tra un esercizio e l'altro. La seconda sessione e' stata una CORSA LENTA A SENSAZIONE di 50'. Ho completato la sessione correndo per 10,2K ad un passo medio do 4'52"/km. Devo ammettere che il freddo, ma soprattutto il vento non invogliano a correre ma resto ugualmente fedele al mio programma di allenamento e non mi tiro certo indietro. Un'alternativa potrebbe essere il tapis roulant ma non c'è niente di più alienante per me che correre in un ambiente chiuso. Andiamo avanti 💪.