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Ran Truman 5k with @ashley.gerhardt and Lindsay! I challenged myself to be better then yesterday! I reached a new goal today and was faster then 2 weeks ago! I haven't been 100% on working out and nutrition all summer until this week and it makes a big difference! Thanks @ashley.gerhardt for always pushing and supporting me! Love you!
"If we have decided to pray about something, then we must also choose to give that thing over to the Lord. If, however, we find ourselves still worrying about that situation, we have probably tried to take it back and deal with it on our own. When we recognize that, we can release that burden to the Lord once again." .. ooooh i am so guilty of this. i pray and pray and find myself worrying the minute i get done talking to God. or days later i feel depressed or anxious or worried about the very thing i prayed to God about. .. next time i feel that worry creep up (or you do, too) let's tell ourselves this: "NO. i refuse to worry about this thing because God is taking care of it!" .. i pray that when you and i start worrying, the Holy Spirit will help us to stop and choose to focus on God. and thank Him for the perfect peace i know He will give to us. .. (quote taken from Devotions for a Healthier You)
I plan on being lazy & fall asleep watching Netflix the rest of the day.... oh and hear my name being called 1,000 times. #momlife Happy Saturday! ☀️
7 sweaty AF miles this morning. Now... where's the pool, a swan floatie and a popsicle?
Awesome late quick workout with my pace group! Love these girls. I find so much motivation and joy out getting to know them through our running journeys. We're different, but this peaceful hard sport brought us together. We did hard 400's and a few easy pace laps on the track. I welcome the fall. I sweat like a beast 🔥😰🏃🏾🏃🏼‍♀️🔥🔥🔥🔥 #nopainnogain #irun #runnerslife #runningaddict #runnerscommunity #womenempowerment #runnershigh #ilovesanantonio #humidityproblems #runnersofinstagram #runningmotivation #runningwithjesus #takecareofyourself #enjoytheprocess #nuun #pescienceergonine #hungryathlete #brooksrunning #nike #lululemon #nike #temporun #getoutofyourhead #magicmiles #friendshipgoals #girlpower
Caution: long post ahead. I ran four miles pain free this morning!! If anyone is looking for a physical therapist in the Des Moines area, I highly recommend @kineticedgept One session of dry needling and learning new stretches gave me 10 times the progress than my last two rounds of PT elsewhere combined. I'm so glad I took the chance and switched places. Sometimes you just have to get a second opinion and try new things! This makes me much more excited to start my next half marathon training!! On a side note, running in Iowa humidity in July is not glamorous. Holy sweaty!!