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I survived my first day back! Here's to my first full week of work post accident!
My 8th graders had fun guessing 20 celebrities (based on their picture) and their age with this Celebrity Scatter Plot activity! 💙 Then they were given each celebrity's actual age, had to graph each point, determine the correlation, and draw an estimated line of best fit! #scatterplots #8thgrademath
Week 8 of my program and i'm feeling good! I've got another 3 week virtual accountability group lined up to start next Monday + I've decided to give up sweets for lent😩 #ICanDoIt Deadline to join the group is TOMORROW! Message me if you're interested in cutting the "diet" scene and learning how to maintain healthy living for good! 💪
Look at this gorgeous set up for an author celebration from @firstgrade_made! I can only imagine the squeals and excitement from her precious first graders as they walk in the room! #allthehearteyes 😍😍😍
My kids were really motivated to build their reading stamina when we tracked it as a class. They loved watching the graph get higher and higher! 📚💪📚 . . I've created some exclusive anchor charts to use in your room. Grab your exclusive freebie here:
We had a snowball fight in class today ⛄️❄️ I decided instead of just having them write summaries about the Southern Colonies, we would add some movement and fun into our learning. (Ya know that moment when you hear your own voice 🙈🙃.. i sound like my mother lol). #iteach #iteach456 #iteachfourth #iteachtoo #iteach4th #fun #makelearningfun