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Not all learning has to take place in a classroom while sitting at a desk. Sometimes it's just a circle on the patio outside talking about a really good book!! These guys weren't ready to move on to the next subject on Friday. They wanted to TALK about Wonder. They wanted to share. They wanted to discuss and compare ideas about what they noticed and learned and observed. They wanted to put into practice the BHH Strategies from @beerskylene from her new book, Disrupting Thinking. They wanted to share some deep thoughts about their characters. Isn't that what teaching lifelong learners is all about?! Isn't that what we, as teachers, want to encourage and cultivate? Sometimes it means we grab those moments, even if it wasn't in the lesson plan that day. Because I think a whole lot of learning went on in this discussion circle. I know I learned so much just listening to them! 💗 #grabthosesmallmoments #wonder #choosekind #iteach #iteach5th #iteachfifth #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #teach #noticeandnotesignposts
I'm on a steep learning curve here. 😜Working out how to make my spinners with editable text. I'm after your opinion...would that make it a more valuable resource? It would then be super easy to add sight words or whatever text you need for a game with spinner options. My thoughts are - yes! Hit me with your opinions. Thanks lovelies!! 💚 . . . #sightwords #highfrequencywords #literacygroups #literacyactivities #spinners #mathsactivites #differentiation #iteach #iteachk #iteachtoo #teachersofinstagram #teacherlife #aussieteachers #teacher #aussieteachertribe #kindergarten #primaryteacher #nswteacher #teachersfollowteachers #teacherspayteachers #tptnewbie #tpt #classroomresources
Kindness activity for EQ next week. Is it weird I am actually obsessed with my craft? 😂 @c_kovacs mum would you hang this on your fridge?
Realizing once again how much consistent physical activity, time outside, and time reconnecting with friends I value rejuvenates and re-energizes me. This week I put on another 16 miles of running, in three different cities, and with different motivations and people. 7 miles in New Holstein with my brother to prepare for the half we're running together in a week last Sunday A 6.55 solo run on the trails in Oshkosh yesterday to check my pace and stamina And a slow, easy 3 miles in Marshfield with a pal that allowed us to chat and reconnect. I also spent 2 hours hiking, climbing rocks, and exploring on my own today. This week has also involved other friend hangs, spontaneous and planned, and some yoga. Time well spent, indeed. It's all so good for my mind, body, and soul. 🤗
When you walk into school on the first day back and this is what you find 😭😭😭 (presents are from Sparkle Box, balloons I think are from @missgirlingsclassroom)
A birds eye view of the post from this morning. I wore my poppy skirt to the ANZAC ceremony too. Safe to say that I felt coordinated! #teacherfashionista #anzacday
Sometimes my kids say school is boring or reading is boring. I remind them to look a little harder at the books they read and see them as great adventures!! This makes them eager to read! Yay! Plus, I've been very obsessed with Beauty and the Beast lately and this quote is 😍
We've just started with coding and the kids love it! Why didn't we have this when we were young? 😂
Well after some long conversations.. I am so EXCITED to say that I will be student teaching in London, England for about a month in the fall! I'm so thankful for this opportunity and to experience this wonderful place for a few weeks! ❤️👩🏼‍🏫📚🇬🇧 #london #england #iteach #studentteaching
New Blog Post! Check it out! "Wanderlust: Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For..." Link in Bio! 👆🏼 📷 @theadventuresland