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Happy Sunday! I've been sort of neglecting my blog and social media accounts lately as school is busy (always) and I have a wedding coming up! But, weekly I like to take the time to shout out some teachers--I hope it helps each of you find new inspirational accounts to follow, but also to give the tagged accounts a little nudge that they're awesome! This IG teaching community is so motivating and I encourage you to shout out teachers on your page, or drop them in the comments below! #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers
Sundays are for adapting grade level stories 📕✏️
Time to #meetmoxie...Jen! Squashes bugs (all kinds) and performs minor miracles.
This will be our last week before we're off for a two-week-long October Break 🙌🏼🎃🍂 To keep their little minds working during their time off (and hopefully give them something to do other than watch YouTube all day) I created an October Break Practice Packet. My students will receive classroom money, prizes, and other goodies as an incentive for completing parts of the packet. The packet includes a little sample of everything- reading log and response questions, writing prompt, math challenges (pictured here), and even a dash of social studies. You can find the complete packet in my Teachers Pay Teachers store by following the link in my bio 👻
Did you know you can input your own vocab/spelling words into GoNoodle?! 😱 My 5th graders are loving BODYSPELL in #GoNoodlePlus for our weekly vocabulary/spelling words! A great tool for those kinesthetic and visual learners! 🕺🏽💃🏻 If you haven't already, start a free trial at #totallyworthit #gonoodle #sundayprep
2 little cushioned crates for my classroom. Hope they last longer than a few days 🤞🏼😂
I have the library degree just not the library, so why not get your very own card catalog! #shelfie