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My submission for the December/ January art dare from If I didn't feel like a mom before, 2016 brought it out in me full force. One was cake, 2 was manageable... 3 kids- under 4- we were outnumbered. My life was consumed by my children. This was a simple still life highlighting binkies, and toys, and underwear, because yes, we even threw potty training into the mix. The background was a little unexpected, it's meant to be chaotic and colorful, because for the next few years, I fully anticipate to be caught up in the whirlwind of parenthood. And to be honest, I wouldn't have it any other way.
So excited to introduce artist James Goldcrown to my 1/2 split class. They looked at his artwork- his bleeding hearts//love walls and shared how some of them have their own family love wall- a wall of family photos or their artwork on a particular wall at home. So precious!! We created our own love wall today that we will hang at school inspired by @jgoldcrown my students described your work as bursts of love and stated your creative thinking is outstanding. #iteachart #create #elementaryart #arted #arteducation #artclass #iheartart #artroom #imanartteacherindenver #artteacher #elementaryartteacher #artteachersofinstragram #printmaking #printing #southmoorart #southmoorelementary #southmoorelementaryart
Submission for the December/January art dare from A students reflection about pre and post July of 2016. #allmystudentsareinlove
Another submission for the December/January art dare from This student did "nothing but gaming" (allegedly) all of 2016, so he made an 18"x18" slide puzzle that actually functions!! He's a student that needs a little push to be motivated every now and then, so for him to come up with this concept, I couldn't be more proud! Bonus points if you can guess what the puzzle looks when it's complete! 🎮