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#Jasonmccann #CriminalBoy #part9 _________________________________________ *same day* Isbella's point of view. "What the actual fuck just happened" i said to myself, while gripping tight on the edge of the sink and staring at myself in the mirror, i opened the tap and washed my face, it's been 2 days and i haven't took a shower, my hair is greasy hair and i probably stink of sweat right now. I got out of the washroom and looked around the room, it was empty, he left the breakfast on the bed. I ate my breakfast and i realized he forgot to lock the door. I wanted to escape but he is still home and im soo not taking the risk to get my face punched again, i placed my hand on my face at the thought of it. The door slammed open and he walked in, he walked towards me and took the handcuffs out of his pocket "please no, don't handcuff me, my hands hurt" i pleaded, he gave an evil grin and looked at me again "you seriously think i would trust you" WTF, just a few minutes ago he was being so sweet and all, bipolar much. He handcuffed me to the bed again and took the dished with him and locked the room. This house isn't that bad as much as it looks from outside, i thought. *3 hours later* "It's boring as fuck here", "i mean obviously! I'm kidnapped, stupid" i was talking to myself because i had nothing else to do. I heard someone unlock the door and Jason walked in, he almost tripped while coming towards me and cursed under his breath, he comes closer and sits on the bed, facing me very closely "how was your day babygurl" he says and i can smell alcohol from his mouth. He is drunk and don't know what's he saying right now because he's been talking to me since 15 mins and has apologized for what he did to me the other day....waow •-•..and now he is talking crap like how he would treat me nice if i just listen to what he says. *half an hour later* Jason just fell asleep on my lap, he looks so cute...i know i shouldn't be saying that cause he is a criminal and have killed thousands of people but he is so beautiful. Examining him while was he was asleep my eyes felt heavy too and didn't even realize when did i drift to sleep. *half an hour later* (comments)
dad always look good
I wasn't really in the mood to post but I haven't in like 2 days so here are some candids💜 ALSO MY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS GO OUT TO THE PEOPLE HERE IN MEXICO WHO WHERE AFFECTED BY THE EARTHQUAKE💚❤️ it was a horrible experience so my condolences to the people who had it worse 🇲🇽
me too girl, me too