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Chapter 10 I got dressed I wore ( swipe) Hayden picked me up H- cute A- well thanks When we arrived I saw Jayden ( swipe again forJaydens outfit ) And I saw kenzie ( swipe again for Kenzies outfit ) Johnny spotted me Jo- hey Annie A- nice party Jo- you look cute I roll my eyes and walk back to Hayden he wasn’t there I couldn’t see Kenzie and Jayden either I was confused I saw Lauren I sat down and Johnny sat next to me Jo- were is Hayden A- I’m not sure Jo- I’m sorry A- it’s ok I hug him I sit there I was bored I saw Jayden J- hey A- were have you been J- just umm.. A- what’s going on Jayden walks off so I followed her Sneakily J- should we tell her H- maybe I really don’t want to she would be heart broken K- I know I walk off then I walk in A- hey guys this is were you all are H- oh hey anns A- what’s going on H- Annie it’s about Hayley A- what happened H- your dad came back A- really H- but he took Hayley A- what I sit down I’m breathing heavy H- it’s ok anns He gives me a hug A- I lost my brother now my sisters gone! I cry into Hayden’s chest Jo- what happened I see Lauren pull Johnny’s arm and they go to another room I’m guessing there talking about it H- anns it’s ok A- wait how did you guys find out H- I had your phone and your mom rang you so I picked it up she told me too tell you I keep crying my brother died and no my sister is with my dad and I might never see her again L- ok I told John Jo- omg Annie are you ok A- no I’m not I keep crying Hayden just keeps hugging me it feels nice H- do you want me to drop you home A- that’s the last thing I want L- you guys could stay here all of you J- alright 1 hours later I sit there next to Jayden and Hayden L- so what you guys wanna do? K- not sure Jo- look who I found C- hey guys H- hey Carson C- so how is everyone L- alright J- good H- yeah ok Jo- good K- doing ok C- Annie? I just sit there Thanks for reading follow for more comment for more! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 Tags: #hannie #jannie #jenzie #annieleblanc #haydensummerall #hanniefanfic #hanniefanfics #anniegirl #hannie4ever #hannie2k17 #hanniefan #henzie #jayden #johhny #mackenzie #kenzie
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Chapter 9 I see a bracelet and a locket I pick up the bracelet it was pretty and shiny it had little heart charms and I picked up the locket and it had a photo of Hayden and on the other side me I started to cry he was so sweet H- don’t cry it’s ok A- I love you too We hugged then we got closer and we kissed it felt amazing * buzz* We stopped and looked at my phone * texts * Jo- hey A- what do you want Jo- I’m having a party tonight wanna come A- argh sure Jo- I’m sorry I was a jerk A- it’s alright Jo- soo wanna get back together A- no Jo- why not A- 1- you acted like a jerk to me 2- I like someone else Jo- 1- I’m sorry 2- who I look at Hayden he nods his head A- Hayden Jo- Annie you hate him A- no I love him Jo- prove it A- fine I send him a picture of us kissing Jo- wow are you guys together A- not yet Jo- not yet? So you could still be mine A- Johnny just shut up Jo- anns please A- I love Hayden you cheated on me! Jo- I know but me and Kenzie have broken up A- really why Jo- she liked someone else A- oh Jo- alright A- Can I bring Hayden Jo- sure tonight at 6 A- who’s coming Jo- lots of people A- alright Jo- see you there 💖 A- bye Johnny 🙄 * back to real life* H- Annie will you be my girlfriend A- yes H- party A- yep H- alright pick you up A- alright He goes home and gets ready Thanks for reading follow for more comment for more! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 Tags: #hannie #jannie #jenzie #annieleblanc #haydensummerall #hanniefanfic #hanniefanfics #anniegirl #hannie4ever #hannie2k17 #hanniefan #henzie #jayden #johhny #mackenzie #kenzie
Chapter 5 The next day * I got out of hospital I sat on my bed with my glasses on and I heard a knock on the door I opened it It was Jayden A- hey jay J- hey anns how are you A- alright J- wow your house is big A- yeah I saw Lauren behind her L- hey A- hey L- how you feeling A- alright K- you have a pool? A- yep L- back to glasses? A- nah but I wear them when I’m reading L- alright A- anyone else here J- Hayden A- alright I take my glasses off and put my book away L- so you don’t actually need glasses? A- only when I’m reading L- oh K- it’s so hot in here A- you wanna go in the pool? K- yeah J- I only live 3 houses down I could get some swim wear K- alright They all walk down stairs H- hey Annie A- hey H- how are you? A- alright Hayden’s POV - she looked cute she was wearing a cute little skirt with a cute little top with a flower in her hair 30 mins later We jump into the pool Annie looked hot in that bikini I think I like her wait Hayden you are popular you can’t fall for her but she’s kinda popular Annie’s POV- it was fun hanging out with the girls and Hayden K- this is so much fun L- wow! Hayden jumps in making the biggest splash ever J- I’m all wet K- get in Jayden Behind the wall and open the slide door and go down I come out behind the waterfall H- were did you come from A- the slide K- slide!? They all follow me to the slide then I hear a splash I see Hayley A- Hayley what are you doing Ha- what can’t a girl have fun K- she’s cute A- that’s Hayley We are there for hours until it gets cold so we go in the spa Hayley goes back inside L- thanks Annie your house is amazing A- well thanks Thanks for reading follow for more comment for more! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 Tags: #hannie #jannie #jenzie #annieleblanc #haydensummerall #hanniefanfic #hanniefanfics #anniegirl #hannie4ever #hannie2k17 #hanniefan #henzie #jayden #johhny #mackenzie #kenzie