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Its 4th and 1. The TRUTH has the rock and I'm going over the top with @richterpublishing. All roads lead me here to where my message of survival can reach the masses. My book "I found me" will touch every walk of life. I like my odds. My BRO @iampoochhall and I were built for such feats. Lets get it. Its not work when u love the GRIND #authorawards2017 #motivatioalspeaker #treamtspeaker #hope #WORK #privatechef #bodybuilding #40acresandamulefilmworks #johnsingleton #imlivingmydream @blacklabelservices @brain_vision_production @johnsingleton @schersusan @Alexa @kwon @jbowins3
#TBT Once upon A time back in 1990 My mom and I flew out to California so that I could audition for the part of "Young Ricky" in the 1991 hit movie "Boyz N the Hood"!!! I met Director John Singleton and he said that my acting was superb, however the character "Ricky", did not wear glasses. Unfortunately because I could not see without my glasses and my mom couldn't afford contacts lens at the time, I did not get the part. They ended up giving the part of "Youny Ricky" to some ole random dude who just so happens to look like he could be the brother of Eddie Winslow......*pause to stares back at the TV screen*.... anyway that was my 5min of stardom and know that I was supposed to be in the hit movie Boyz N the Hood!!!! -- And if you believed ANY of this, then you're just slow and gullible!!!! Happy #TBT Folks!!!! #BoyzNTheHood #JohnSingleton #RickyFromBoyzNTheHood #YoungRickyFromBoyzNTheHood
Courtesy of @johnsingleton I rarely do #TBT pics... And everyone has seen this one.. But I had to tell the story behind #RemembertheTime The fall of 1991 I got a late night phone call from #MJ we spoke for all of a min... He asked me if I wanted to shoot one of his videos ... Then I called my agent and said Micheal Jackson wants me to shoot a music video check it out... The agent called s manager to arrange a meeting... I went to this house in Beverly Hills met with for the first time .. Ironically I wasn't nervous .. I always knew I'd meet after all Id been listening to him since I was a kid from the Jackson Five onward ... Anyway im chopping it up with the most famous entertainer in the world as asked him why he called me.. He said he hasn't called me... And he said he hadn't seen #boyznthehood either...he didn't like violent movies... So I leave there telling all my friends in met Michael Jackson and one of my buddies Lloyd Avery 2 .. Yall know him as the Blood that kills Ricky in Boyz tells me... I cranked called you with a high voice as MJ... So really I ended up doing Remember the Time off a crank call... And MJ and LA2 aren't even alive anymore. True story. Like this IG and I'll tell YAll more stories about making Remember the Time with MJ in my comments.. And direct folks to this IG. @kwreport #collaborativeapproach # #nefertiti #fashionxmusic #musicvideo #johnsingleton #regrann
And we’re back! - In this episode writer/director @MyBrewTube, #CraigBrewer, tells us how Hustle and Flow is a spiritual successor to his film Poor and Hungry, how he pushed through the failure of his first filmmaking venture, and how his recent discovery of the Memphis comedy scene lead to the production of the upcoming web-series for @youlooklikememphis. • • • • • • Link in our profile OR | #CreativeMemphis #memphisart #Memphis #Creative #Create #podcast #art #storytelling @josephcarrtoo @indiememphis @echidnadearest @empirefox #movies #tv #theshelf #DanBall #WandaWilson #HustleAndFlow #JohnSingleton #Feariswhereitfalls #ALifeCloseToDesperate