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The #5 rookie Point Guard for the Sacramento Kings De'Aaron Fox in my opinion will be the 2017-2018 NBA Rookie of the Year. I can't stand all the hype for the Los Angeles Lakers and the whole Lonzo Ball conversation. I don't have any respect for any Ball that goes to the Lakers, I got no respect towards the Lakers therefore I have no respect for Lonzo being a Laker. If Lonzo went to a different team he then might get my respect towards him. But now that Lonzo is a Lakers he has no respect from home because I can't stand the Lakers. I don't really care if the Lakers win the next trillion NBA championships I will still not like them and give them any credit, so of course I don't get the whole hype for Lonzo and the Lakers. I am going to make the argument that De'Aaron Fox from Kentucky played better against Lonzo at UCLA. I feel Fox aside that the Kings have the better young core. The Kings in my opinion did the #1 best job at the draft this year. I laugh at the Lakers so I could care less about all the hype for Lonzo being the Rookie of the Year. De'Aaron Fox I feel like could be a serious contender for the NBA Rookie of the Year. I couldn't stand all the hype for the Golden State Warriors and know they are kinda accepted as a good team and even if you hate them you just don't really think of them anymore. I hate the Warriors so much but I don't care because they will be good and I can't do anything, I feel like the Lakers now have more hype than the Warriors with all the trades and Lonzo. The Lakers now might just be my most hated basketball team right after the Warriors. The Kings and Fox should get the Rookie of the Year. The Kings I feel like will have a slow start because they need their young core to mature, but in the next couple of years they will be winning more. The Kings I think have a bright future ahead hopefully. Fox for sure should be Rookie of the Year not even mentioning Lonzo. #deaaronfox #fox #5 #kings #sacramentokings #sacramento #nba #nbabasketball #basketball #sport #sports #rookieoftheyear #dearronfoxvslonzoball #hatethelakers #letsgosacramentokings #letsgokings
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