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I call this "Puppy emerges from 400 year old closet." (Flip through the pics) The puppy closet is real, especially for lone pups in the middle of nowhere. Do you feel like a lone pup stranded out in the wild? Talk to me, I'm a very friendly pup that doesn't bite... unless given permission. #humanpup #inthecloset #comingout #gaypup
What's the longest flight you've been on? Just got back to NJ after an 8 hour flight. Not to kick off the NYC Pride weekend with the NYC PAH event at The Eagle in 2 hours. #humanpup #prideflag #prideweekend #jetlagged
Do you like the beach? This pup loves to play in the sand but doesn't like being in the sun. I got to pup out on a beachhead for a few minutes while canoeing yesterday. I'm nice and shiny with 4 layers of sunblock! #humanpup #beach #canoetrip #tattooedgay