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TL;DR: Just go to this link and support pup diversity by buying a shirt: Earlier this week I was honored to be included as one of 35 other pups in an article in the Gay Star News. For the article it seem like the journalist chose 36 posts from the top list using the hashtag #gaypups. I gained about 75 new followers that day on my Instagram account and several dozen people on Facebook who also wanted to friend me. Amidst my feeling of elation and honor what I failed to realize was that the 36 photos included in an article did not really represent true diversity for the Pup community. Although the headline read "gay pups we'd like" I have a feeling the journalist is attracted to a specific type; so perhaps the headline should have said "I'd like" instead and posted as an opinion piece. It wasn't until last night that my glee finally faded and I realized diversity was not included and so I wanted to circle back around and openly state that I am for pup play diversity. Being a Human Pup is, first and foremost, a state of mind that's all about having fun and shedding your adult responsibilities for at least a little while. For others the puppy play extends into the sexual realm. The difference between the lifestyle and sexual pup is not widely understood (or known) right now, which is why many in the LGBTQ+ community feel that pups represent the sexual side of gay life and should not be on public display in Pride Marches. You have the choice to gain weight, loss weight, grow your hair, shave it off, be a bear, be an otter, be a boy, be a girl, be anything your heart desires. If, for some reason beyond your control, you are not able to achieve the body type you desire, then work towards being happy in your own skin. Be proud of the cards life has dealt you and cast off those self conscious feeling that hold you back. We need to support diversity in society, in lifestyle, in the bedroom, and in pup play. #diversity #bodyimage #humanpup (This is a shortened post due to IG character limits. My full post is on my FB and Tumblr)
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