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ADVERSITY // - something that we will all experience at some stage in life. Unforeseen circumstances or challenges that pop up which test us in many ways. . This could be anything from injuries, to natural disasters or even unfortunate results when things don’t go our way. Anything that’s tests us could be considered as adversity. . I think it’s important during these times that we focus on ourselves and the power of thinking. The mind is so powerful and it’s soooo easy to right ourselves off, have doubtful thoughts and think it’s the end of the world about any situation. . At any stage of adversity I always remind myself of one thing 🐝🍃. Something so simple and something people always laugh at me about, but When you Believe in yourself, anything becomes possible and achievable. Visualise the path back, come back stronger and better than before. . Just remember no matter what Adversities May arise in your journey , and how rough your day may have been. The sun will rise tomorrow 🌞✨, and remember 🐝🍃