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Thanks for all the love! * * * Super grateful and excited for this holiday release! * * * This book hasn’t come out yet and it’s already fostering so many healing conversations on #grief, family, unmet expectations, everlasting love, and faith. Cannot wait to see what God does through this second book. ❤️ #LCLM #SophiaSunshine #LateConversations #Mothers #Daughters
“Written for all the little girls, turned fragile women who wondered who would help them with their feminine napkins and bra fittings. * * * Who questioned who would stand beside them in their overwhelming delivery room or throw them their first themed baby-shower. * * * Who were unsure who would be generous enough to cover their red prom dress alterations. Who could not picture who would stand in that Holy wedding photo as they were getting strapped into their slim-fitting gown. This book is for the women who didn’t have a person to call when rent got short. Whose first phone call wasn’t to mom when they were expecting or miscarried. * * * Who got choked up with envy when seeing girls with their mothers getting a pedicure or catching up over cafe au lait. * * * The ladies who didn’t get to have necessary conversations and got accustomed to living with the void. * * * Yea, this book is for all those girls. Especially for my girl, Pascale.”- #SophiaSunshine * * * 2nd book, “Late Conversations With My Late Mother” releasing this Holiday Season with Hunter Entertainment Network! #LCLM
I seriously love Nacogdoches and everything that it’s given me. What a perfect weekend! #lclm 💜❤️💜❤️
Cheered my last home game at SFA and I was blessed to spend it with these people, Axe'em forever 💜 #LCLM
Bittersweet cheering for football for the last time 🏈💜 #LCLM
A little throwback because I miss being a cheerleadaaa sometimes 😋 #lclm
my little’s are perfect but you probably already knew that💜 #LCLM