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These 2, I love them so much 💕 Pride was again a remarkable family day today. We have the chance to support one another in our queerness 🏳️‍🌈 As always, I was crying during the minute of silence 😅 Pride is something so dear to my heart, especially being the mother of a non binary child and wanting my kids to live safely even if they dont fit in our heteronormative society 🌈 Talia is leaving next Saturday for a whole year. She had a scolarship and is leaving for China. Luka and I are happy and sad at the same time 😊 Happy for her, sad because we will miss her a lot 💕 Love you all💖
school is in 3 days and someone on the administrators team told me something awful earlier this week- help? ——☀️—— current theme: sunlight/golden hour ——💫—— » make sure to drink water and eat! » take your meds if you have any! » sending virtual hugs to all ♥ ——✨—— partnered with: @wlwadore ——☁️—— tags ↴ #lesbianpride #lesbianpositivity #sapphic #sapphicpositivity #wlw #wlwpositivity #wlwpride #loveislove #lesbian #bisexual #lgbt #lgbtpositivity #wlwtextpost #lesbianpride