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I am extending my sale on the kit to TOMORROW night - 9/25! 😍😍 If you're ready to jump into essential oils, join me & I'll personally help you get started. It's simple & you will be prepared for the winter months. Lets stop treating symptoms and start supporting them daily & you can start now! Now is the perfect time of year to be using oils + supporting those immune systems. 🤧🤢🤒 Essential oils will support a healthy body and maintain a level of ultimate wellness. So, if you've been considering it - go for it! I'm here to support YOU. ❤️ Until tomorrow, you can get 13 oils + 2 diffusers for $193 which is a CRAZY GOOD DEAL. How, you ask? I'm gifting you $25 once you purchase your kit! You'll also have access to our private educational groups & me ... I'd be super honored to help you get started once your kit arrives.🌿 The diffusers go for $75 each ... sooooo some simple math will show you what a great deal this is 🙌🏼 You'll be set for this season, no doubt! 👉🏼Head here: 👉🏼Make sure to select "MEMBER" 👉🏼Pick the Premium Starter Kit with Dewdrop Diffuser 👉🏼In Step 3, click "Add More Products" and search item 5330D. Add Home Diffuser - Dew Drop Design 5330D to your cart. This extra diffuser comes with a 5ML Peppermint + 5ML Tangerine! 👉🏼Fill our your information, purchase & you're done! I'll get an email & credit you the $25. Your family will thank you for it! While supplies last so hurry, hurry! Get ahold of me with any questions! 🌿🌿🌿🌿 #startNOW #wellnessjourney #immunesupport #lifestyle #community #sisterhood #letmehelpyou
Pull-Up Action.⚡️💪
Happy happy birthday to @telucey24 🖤🍰😍 this cake >>>> @simplemills banana bread mix with chocolate chips and topped with a homemade cacao almond butter frosting
Our favorite thing to wear? Confidence! 💅 We pair it with our Leaf 🍂 that motivates us to keep working hard on our wellbeing. Get yours now at $30 off, while our Fall sale ⚡️is still active! #sundaystyle
That one time I mastered the side arm shot: lean away from the mirror/camera, tilt your head away, and there's yer dinner. 🦍