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88 yrs old Frank here hadn't ever written poetry before yet since his 1st Poetry Workshop w/ me I do monthly RossHill, the dozen poems he's written to share w/ our workshop his daughter made into a book to share w/ entire family this past Easter! When I learned of this last week I was genuinely elated & still am #progressivehomehealth #Poetry #workshop #engaging #healthcare #stimulating #inspiring #brainactivity #neuroscience #newideas #amwriting #pmwriting #books #mind #lifestyle #directions #poet #poems #memories #elation
💪 中藥材系列💪 #白殭蠶 白殭菌(蟲生真菌),是由大自然中找出來的一種真菌,在中藥店的""就是蠶寶寶受白殭菌感染而產生的藥材喔! 一般以外敷居多,慈禧太后美白秘方「玉容散」很重要的一個單味藥方就是粉喔!  #2016flyteam #中藥 #life #happy #lifestyle #TAIWAN #たいわん #followme #chinese #handwriting #Pen #ink #만년필 #follow4follow #love #飛將在 #悅字人 #陳奕澤 #七匹狼 #九條好漢 #万年筆 #手抄本X深坑口 #鋼筆字
Yesterday we met some friends for lunch in Brighton and ended up at Burger Brothers, which, if you haven't tried, you really should 😍👌 - For some women wanting to lose weight, ending up here would inflict pure horror. Or it might become a time where you go 'f*ck it' and decide you'll have a blow out and start again on Monday. - BUT if you're active and adjust a little elsewhere, foods like this can fit into your day and be enjoyed without causing unnecessary stress. - The thing to remember is that nothing on it's own will make you gain weight. Regularly taking in more calories than you burn off is the only thing that will do that. And if you watch what you eat most of the time, and start burning more calories by being more active, you can earn the freedom to be a bit more relaxed when you want to be. - Of course most of the time it's best to be eating natural foods and nutritious meals, because our bodies need that to be healthy, feel good and function at their best. But life is for living and delicious foods are sometimes for just eating and enjoying. - This chicken 'bazinga' burger with guacamole, beetroot, onions and cheese was literally amazing. We also visited a fudge shop 😋 But we walked loads, and I finished the day with a very light chicken sausage salad and having done 23,000 steps. - This morning I weighed the same as the previous morning (not that you need to weigh every day). Even if I'd gained a pound or two, I wouldn't care. Big picture. This was out with friends, we didn't go mental and I enjoyed everything I had. Today and all next week will be right back on track, eating well and doing some form of exercise each day. - It doesnt need to take loads of your time, but I cant recommend enough finding a way to build some form of activity into your daily routine. - Hitting an average of 10,000 steps per day and doing 2-3 sessions of weights training (or if not something else you enjoy that's more intense than walking) makes a massive difference. You still need watch what you eat and not go mad. But you'll be fitter, healthier, burning more calories, and have more freedom to enjoy food and life too 👌
Love calls - everywhere and always. We're sky bound. Are you coming?~Rumi.