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Motherhood can be such a paradox at times. On the one hand, they can drive you absolutely mental and you crave just a little bit of alone time, then when you get that time to yourself you miss them like crazy 😜 Just got home from two nights away from these monkeys (the longest I've ever spent) and it's so good to be home and soaking up their cuddles again 😍. Now excuse me while I smother them with kisses for the rest of the day....with smudge proof lipstick of course 😉 . . #mumlife #lovemycrazykids
Just a reminder since it has been so warm out! Don't leave LipSense in your car. If you put it in a cooler with an ice pack it would be ok though. 💋💄☀️
@dryazdan ・・・ When you bite into a sandwich the last thing you think about is your tooth breaking off at the gumline. Unfortunately this is what happened to this patient. Fortunately, she went to the right dentist to fix it 🙃 Here's a quick video on the final steps of fixing her smile. As I always mention, matching one front tooth to the rest of the mouth is one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish ESPECIALLY when the rest of her anterior work wasn't completed by me. With the right eye, and the right team, anything is possible. Notice how natural her new crown looks and how nicely it blends with her smile. Thank you to one of my most loyal patients for always trusting me with your smile!