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It's very difficult to believe... But many people killed by some group of "people"... I don't understand how anyone can be happy killing people?? Even one! But 200!!?? World becoming more dangerous each day... There is no safe place wherever we live. We all are equal... Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or Jewish, black, white or brown, American, British, Slovenian, South African, Indian or Chinese... We are people. As for me, I never see the difference, naming my friends as brothers and sisters, no matter of race, country, religion, or skin color. But who are they who think they may kill anyone? My big condolences to all the families who lose their family members today. It's not just a problem. It's tragedy. Not only for Sri Lanka, but for the world... And we should be together to solve it. I still can not believe it happened in one of the most peaceful country in Asia and in the whole world... Let's share the love and peace... #tragedy #SriLanka #Colombo #prayforsrilanka #sadness #nowar #peace #tolerance #behuman #weareone #together #world #liveforpeace #life #ourchoice
ИЛЬЯС . (Eng below 🇺🇸) . 23 года Родом из Казахстана, город Алматы. С детства любил бегать и лазить по горам. Сейчас бегает за визами по посольствам и только и успевает вылазить из самолетов в разных странах. Вырос в семье, где много братьев и сестёр, поэтому относиться ко всем как к братьям и сёстрам для него естественно. Таланты: Умеет слушать и слышать. Может рассмешить даже мёртвого. Девиз по жизни: «Если хорошо вкладываться в настоящее, то будет хорошее будущее.» . . IL’YAS 23 years old Was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan When he was a child he liked running and climbing mountains. Now he’s running to different embassies offices and “climbing” from plane to plane flying to different countries. He was born in a family with many brothers and sisters so it’s very natural to him to treat any person as brother or sister. Talents: Really listening to people One of the best jokers Life motto: “If you make good in present, you will feel good in future.” . . #eeltp #eeltp_members #inspiration #vsco #vscointernational #peacemakers #liveforpeace #peacestartswithme
Sometimes you have to keep it real as you will be tested by people... 😡 ...You may feel to react in the same way but that won't make you any better than the person that crossed you. ❌ It's easier said than done but always try to walk away 🚶‍♀️ and if thats not possible try and talk about it in a mature manner 🗣 Dont feel pressured to react angrily because of who is watching 👀 as remember #Forgiveness and #Restraint IS STRENGTH 💪🏼 #LiveForPeace #LiveToDoBetter #YouKnowTheNextHashtag #TurnTheOtherCheek