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Well, a very difficult weekend of remembering my mom one year since her passing was made so much easier by having @reba my side last night. Many tears have been shed this weekend, but I am holding onto the fact that my mother has shown herself to me everywhere I go, whether it be through nature, music, or through our favorite redhead. Last night a Caesars, Reba stopped in the middle of her rush to talk with me and take this photo. The story behind the frame I had made is this: the middle photo is one I had professional done, and on it I quoted a line from “Just Like Them Horses.” The others are our the meet and greet photos we had taken back in April 2013. Since 2012, I have gotten to spend time with Reba on four separate occasions, my mom two. Those were two of the happiest moments of her life, because not only did she get to meet Reba but she got to share the moments with me. She walked right up to Reba the first time and said “Hi, I'm Kelsey Matthews' mom!!!” She was beaming, she was SO proud to be my mom and she wanted everyone to know it. My sweet mom suffered, addiction is an ugly disease and at times I would have to step up and play the role of parent to do what need to be done to keep her safe even though I was just a kid myself. Reba gave my mom and I an outlet; a place to run when tensions were high. She helped us bond, even in the midst of devastation, and she helped keep us close. That is the story behind the frame, and I hope Reba loves it and thinks of my mom and I every time she looks at it. Rest in peace my love, until we meet again. There are beautiful people like Reba here on earth that are making my journey without you a little more peaceful. Caesars Palace has never failed to make my dreams come true. I am so honored that Reba knows my name, recognizes my face, and ALWAYS remembers me. Just honored. ❤️ “Mom, your death has caged me in pain, agony and misery. But I don’t mind suffering, at least it has set you free.” 🙏🏼 #Reba #mcentire #caesarspalace #colosseumatcaesarspalace #lovelasvegas #vegasgirl #homesweethome #iloveyoumom