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I'm coming up on my 3 year Healthiversary! Pinch me seriously... I didn't believe it would work let along that I could keep ANY weight off. I was going to prove to my friend and coach that NOTHING worked for me. That my body was broken and unrepairable. I was scared, I was nervous, and I had a complete DIET mentality. Here was my first post about my health journey, I was only 3 months in. I was terrified to post this for all to see. But I'm so glad I did. So many people have started their health journey since this original post. I love that I have no secrets. If your curious. Check out then reach back to me to answer any other questions. I would be honored you guide you in your health journey like I was guided. #OptaviaCoachBrooke #healthaversary #3years #lovemylife #happy #priorities #notjustweightloss #simple #youcantoo