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And then you were 2, I don't know how this happened?! You were just one. 😩 So tonight, I'm going to snuggle you a little longer, read you every book you want, kiss you until you wiggle for me to stop and then kiss you some more, then rock you until u fall asleep. Bc tmrw you are 2 😭😭😭 #myhearthurts #ezrakai #loveofmylife
This weekend wouldn't have been perfect without our classic, crazy face photoshoot between sessions 😂😂😂 You, sir, change my life for the better every single second I am with you! No one knows me, loves me, knows how to inspire and motivate me, how to work my nerves (😜) or how to Whole heartedly support me better than you! It doesn't matter if I'm making breakfast or I'm prepping for a bodybuilding are always there, so selflessly helping and assisting me so that I have no other option than to succeed! This weekend, when I looked out from the stage and saw your beaming smile and pure excitement...I knew I won the greatest prize of them all!🤗 Thank you for being the best husband I've ever had😉 and making every day a crazy, funny, amazing adventure💚